William S. Harley Carlos bueno

Early Life/Bio

He is one of the original founders of Harley Davidson. He was born on December 29, 1880 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, died Sep. 18, 1943. He was always a very active kid and always wanted to be doing something. He also started his career at the age of 15, when he took a job at a bicycle company. Working with him was a childhood friend, Arthur Davidson, who like Harley, also had a mind for mechanics. They both had a deep interest in bicycles, they were convinced to make motorized bicycles. From there on they created their company and it grew.

William S. Harley
Both of them on there inventions


Famous Quote "Sometimes you just gotta keep Rollin". Harley Davidson Motor Company one of the two major manufacturing companies to survive the great depression. WW1 military demanded motorcycles for the war effort. According to Inter brand, the value of the Harley-Davidson brand fell by 43 percent to $4.34 billion in 2009

Ways it impacted my life

It helped me learn how to ride a two wheeled motor cycle. Helps with transportation.

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