Fibonacci in Orchids By Bella zahringer

Fibonacci appears in orchids, it's in the petals and in the designs on the flower. Most orchids have 5 petals, one main center, 2 side center petals, and 3 center petals. The exact Fibonacci sequence.
In the leaf of an orchid we can even see the Golden Ratio within it, so not only can it be connected to the flower itself, but also the plant as a whole! When we measure the flower with the spiral form it lines up almost perfectly!
Fibonacci is indeed a direct connection to the beautiful orchid. Fibonacci appears commonly in flowers, but the orchid is such a unique design that holds Fibonacci within its complex design. The center flower and the petals all represent Fibonacci.
We truly take for granted the small things around us. If we open our eyes to the world and start to notice the immense wonders of nature. We can also see the world through a mathematical lens.


Most of these photos are taken and copyrighted by Photographer Bella Zahringer.

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