The complexities of red Toni Day

Certain characters interpret the color red through their own perspective.


To Sethe, the concept of red brings up some fond memories (the birth of Denver), yet also brings up dark memories. Red, simliar to the carmine coloring in velvet, is artificial, as it veils much deeper and complex meanings.

"It's a cloth, kind of deep and soft" (Morrison 91).
"Every dawn she saw the dawn, but never acknowledged or remarked its color. There was something wrong with that. It was as though one day she saw red baby blood, another day the pink gravestone chips, and that was the last of it" (Morrison 47).
Red Chokecherry

Paul D.

To Paul D., red is somewhat forbidden and comes in many forms: new beginnings, manhood and freedom, even the ability to love.
"Red: I feel my soul on fire! Black: My world if she's not there! Red:It's the color of desire! Black: It's the color of despair"
"Yeah he was hateful alright. Bloody too, and evil. Comb as big as my hand and some kind of red. He sat right there on the tub looking at me. I swear he smiled" (Morrison 85).
Roses: Dead or New Beginnings?

Stamp Paid

To stamp, red signifies death, blood, and destruction to all that it comes across.

"The skin was one thing, but human blood cooked in a lynch fire was a whole other thing" (Morrison 212).
"He kept the ribbon; the skin smell nagged him, and his weakened marrow made him dwell on Baby Suggs' wish to consider what in the world was harmless. He hoped she stuck to blue, yellow, maybe green, and never fixed on red" (Morrison 213).
Voilence and Red


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