Star Luck Chart Maria Isabel

  • Natal Star Luck chart | for Maria Isabel ~ May 1961

This chart is a sample of a chart that was prepared for a client, each chart is a singular work devoted to a cosmic birth map and can be ordered as in digital format, and bound as a collectible book and treasured keepsake.

Chinese Year of the White Ox, c. 1961
Winged Bull c. 1400 BC

As ancient as time itself the Winged Bull and Sacred Cow dates back to the earliest human settlements on earth. In feng shui Ox is part of the Mystic Triad with the (snake) Serpent and the (bird) Phoenix. The Rat is the secret buddy to the Ox. The White Metal Ox is hard working and solid, like a vault. Metal signs have nerves of Steele and can out distance any opponent in sheer determination and will.

Bulls, cows and water buffalo make up the Ox tribe, they are heroic types with a courageous heart and a garland on their brow. Ox is at home near water and is favored by Mother Earth: gifting cows with her full, domestic support. A water buffalo, zodiac-type, is often reliable and well informed with a twist of the sublime. Slow to anger and tolerant of others, oxen are one of the mystical signs, loved and honored throughout all time.

  • Chinese Lunar Year: White Ox | Astro Year of the Tiger | Solar Month: Serpent Sun
Moldaviia's Coat of Arms c. 1481

In the modern era the metal ox can seem cold and remote. The Ox descended from ancient Aurochs who were said to kill any of their herd touched by humans. These creatures have Sacred souls. The cow has gut instincts built-in with seven stomachs that correspond to the 7 Chakra's of the human, spirit house: the body temple and pagoda.

Maria Isabel you were born the year of the Ox in the Chinese Lunar cycle. A cycle which no longer aligns with its origins to coincide with Jupiter's astrological year. Your Astrological year is in the sign of the Tiger. You may exhibit traits that are a combination of both, but it hard to tell because Tigers are very eccentric by nature.

Your masculine, patriarchal, father-self (animus) is represented by the yang, regal, Tiger and your Sun Sign (solar month) is a yin, Serpent. This intertwines dark and light, male and female; as contrasts to guide you. You advocate to see both sides before making up your mind, a natural Empath. Tiger is a Warrior and Serpent is the Wise One, a warrior for peace.

Metal Element

A Metal element person is attuned to the weather and atmospheric pressures. They are mindful, resilient, reflective and judicious types with a keen sense of smell. Metal elemental is friends with fire, exhausted by water, nurtured by Earthlings and is wood's destroyer.

Years ending with zero and one are metal. In the cycles of harmony and conflict, metal is one of five elements. Metal creates water, water feeds wood, wood fuels fire, fire makes earth, earth creates metal. A metal sign is nurtured by earth and exhausted by water; fire is your friend and wood is in contrast. In the five harmonies of feng shui: a water sign needs a cup, or a container to hold it's emotion, a wood sign needs to be rooted to express fully, a fire sign needs to be attached to burn bright and gather energy, an earth sign needs to stay grounded to manifest reality, a metal sign needs to be heated and molded to a fit a purpose.

Ox and Tiger are Northeast on the compass in the winter season. In Form feng shui a Pagoda (or pine tree) represents Northeast for the Ox and Tiger, as scholars and administrators. The NE governs Patriarch and Ancestors Luck on the cosmic, wheel.

Tiger Astro Year

Tamil Chula Flag Tiger c. 3rd century BC.
  • Astro Year of Birth | Jupiter Tiger

In your Natal chart the Grand Duke Jupiter (known as Tai Sui) is at 6 degrees in the sign of the Tiger. It's a few degrees below your Ascendant in your Astro sign of birth, for the astrological year. The year based on the-known physical, Universal cosmic cycles. Tiger energy is fierce and fun!! They are great Innovators and visionaries. Tigers are leaders who serve the brotherhood and have a great desire to do good for humanity.

Never cross a tiger and you can count them as life, long friends. Tiger is a powerful sign and true humanitarian. Tiger go to high ground to seek shelter and sanctuary. They are monks and monasteries with a wild-side that likes to roam and also to keep up with long-held traditions. This sounds like a contradiction but you balance it well. As a nocturnal hunter you are stealth and graceful to achieve your goals, but sneaky too. Use your Tiger powers wisely.

Sun Sign

Ouroboros | ancient symbol of infinite and eternal life
  • Month | Sun in Serpent

The snake is the serpent of ancient writing and knowledge, of chemistry and astronomy. Represented by its most elemental form in the figure known as the Ouroboros, an ancient symbol of infinite and eternal life. It's symbolic of cyclical return. The old adage: what goes around, comes around, is it's fundamental, visual concept. Serpents and their symbolic creation myths are depicted in early human colonies and cultures; iconography in Egypt, Sumer and Gobekli Tepe with many other sacred sites being studied and revealed.

In your chart, the Sun and Moon joined in the Serpent for an auspicious harmonic. This Exalted Moo combination adds personal strength joining forces within your primal sense of being. This reinforces your ability to stay the course and succeed at great tasks that would defeat others. Serpents, figure prominently in the oldest human cultures and rituals.

Day Sign

Minoan Serpent Goddess painted in fresco murals on the walls in Akrotiri, Crete that date to before c. 1600 BC.
  • Day | Exalted Moon in Serpent

The Snake sign is the Serpent of wisdom and knowledge in the worlds core, mythic stories. Serpents didn't rule the world, they created it. With esoteric stories of the Ancient Naga and wall depictions of the Egyptian, Goddess, Wadget. The Serpent is a Sorcerer of the code that brings life. The DNA helix is a coiled, serpent strand. Myths of creation carved in stone speak of a snake goddess who knows her magic and applies her craft of creative, manifestation. Spiraled energy underpins our active, universal order, it makes grass grow and wind blow.

Ancient Akrotiri | Minoan: Thera Griffin fresco c. pre-1650 BCE
  • Exalted Moon and Sun

Your lunar placement defines your day sign: how life fills the void from day-to-day. Snakes are sensitive to temperature, touch and will grow, or shrink to-fit their circumstances. They are resilient and resourceful signs. A Moon sign in a Star Luck chart, represents your mother nature, nurturing side.

In your chart the Moon is coming new, exalted in the Serpent for a sexy and alluring Earth Mother of the feminine divine. Your powers of persuasion are well-above average and the Monkey is your secret buddy. As a mother goddess you are capable and knowing.

The Moon at 17 degrees and the Sun at 23 degrees puts the Moon and Sun in close proximity to merge their energy for a synergy of lunar and solar. The Sun is your Solar Month sign and the Moon is your Lunar aspect. This dynamic duo rides under the radar below the chart horizon. It adds a depth of gravity and super-sonar to see and hear in other dimensions. This alignment confers beauty and strength, to marry purpose with power and shows up in vivid, life-like, lucid dreams to guide you. Pay close attention to your dreams.

Best Directions

East House is the Sun Rising and the Tree of life. It is pure, yang, wood energy: expressive with extra-sensory hearing, perception.
  • Feng Shui | East House ~ Gua 3
  • South | Sheng Chi: personal abundance direction
  • North | Tien Yi: personal health direction
  • Southeast | Nien Yen: personal love direction
  • East | Fu Wei: personal power direction

Astro Data

Astrology began with animal signs on the compass and constellations in the sky. An understanding of Earth geometry and the stars is a basis of feng shui: the art of place to attain good fortune. Stargazing for navigation is a part of human culture, through all known time.
  • Planets
  • Symbols
  • Zodiac Signs

Ascendant Horizon

Ox and Tiger, c. early 20th century, stone rubbings, ink on paper, two of twelve rubbings mounted on a pair of screens; anonymous loan: Worcester Art Museum.
  • Rising Sign | Tiger at 1 degree on the Ascendant Horizon

Your Tiger Ascendant is conjoined to the Ox with Saturn and a Part of Fortune. This is the mark of a guardian spirit who will be the custodian of resources. An executor and arbitrator.

Tiger | Aquarius

Lady and the Tiger
  • Ascendant | horizon at 1 degree of the Tiger
  • Astro Year | planet Jupiter at 6 degrees of the Tiger

Jupiter the Grand Duke rules the year of birth in the Natal chart and sits at 6 degrees in the Tiger. This is the sign of your, Astro birth year. Lunar moon cycles for the Chinese year no longer keep pace with the planets motion and Jupiter is now advanced from where it was connected to this cycle, centuries ago. Jupiter as the harbinger of the year is called Tai Sui in feng shui. Your placement of Jupiter in the Tiger gives you a forward, progressive, mindset. Science based, facts and figures blend well with deep, meaningful, spiritual ideals. The Tiger is the guardian of the brotherhood and a humanitarian in their heart and soul.

Hare | Pisces

Pompeii | Apollo, Chiron, and Asclepius, c. 1st century AD, Napoli
  • Chiron | in the Hare at 6 degrees
  • East | Personal Best Power Direction

A Wild Hare... Chiron is a distant, orbit, stellar object in your sign of the Hare. Mythic tales of Chiron in Greek art and literature tell of a half man and horse who is a teacher and healer.

The Hare is a hospitable Lady of the Manor who values education and believes in natural homeopathy as a wellness remedy and science for a cure. People will seek you out for grave matters in remote locations. Chiron is isolated, below the surface on the chart configuration, and functions as a psychic tool and dream machine for shamans who transit other worlds.

Dragon | Aires

Incense | C.E. Shand postcard c. 1927
  • Venus | in the Dragon at 15 degrees
  • Southeast | Personal Best Love Direction

Lady of Luck and luxury, Venus in the Dragon plays out tragedy, comedy, romance and folktales of moral codes; on the stage of daily life. Dragons like to put on a show. They are strong leaders and adept at business to navigate murky waters and succeed. But-boy do they love their drama! They take a mate as needed or wanted. Venus is an enchantress in the Dragon, pure, simple and without pretense. Dragon's are private and social at the same time.

Snake | Taurus

C. E. Shand | retro postcard
  • Sun and Moon | in the sign of the Serpent with the Moon at 17 degrees and the Sun at 23 degrees in a powerful, waxing New Moon phase.
  • Southeast | Personal Best Love Direction

Ancient wisdom and secret knowledge are part of the internal knowing of your soul. Talents for sharing and caring mesmerize your audience intensely, putting people under your charms and spells. You possess a unique quality and sensibility others find refreshing. As a friend to all animals and super-natural, beings you are fearless in your prime, objective.

Horse | Gemini

Princess Minon-Minette rides out in the world to find Prince Souci. Kay Nielsen, c. 1920s
  • Mercury | in the Horse at 7 degrees
  • Sheng Chi | Personal Best Abundance Direction

Mercury is exalted in the Horse with a gift-of-gab and the ability to read stylish, trends. You instinctively find what fits in-the-moment, exactly right. This is the brand of a clothes horse with knack for acquiring the best designs and how to wear them. It gives you a mercurial wit and quicksilver tongue as a skilled negotiator where people feel at ease. In a well-spoken manner you find ways to advocate for cultural concerns: matters of finances to fashion. You are a pragmatic advisor with a gypsy's soul, a confidante that people trust with their dark secrets and lightly-salted, nuts.

Monkey | Leo

Queen of Mars c. 1920s | Great Ziegfeld
  • Mars | in the Monkey at 4 degrees
  • Uranus | in the Monkey at 21 degrees

Mars beams monkeyshines and makes mayhem to garner a top-notch, in the theatrical jet-set. If you are not in the industry of glamor and celebrity you are good at attending events as a patron of the arts. Uranus is a gyroscopic feature that has you coming and going to keep-up with a high altitude, flying trapeze of life events. You are talented at whatever you do and can-do many things, very well. People come to you in a jam or crisis that needs an even keel and a magic wand. You click your heels, twinkle your nose and sprinkle them with stardust.

Bird | Virgo

The Bird is the mystical Phoenix rising up from the ashes to be reborn, again and again. The Node sitting near Pluto, planet of fate: is a Key that portends a gift of guardianship and inheritance.
  • The Node | in the Bird sign at 2 degrees
  • Pluto | in the Bird sign at 5 degrees

The Bird is the bean counter, an accountant by day and showgirl by night. Here the Node suggests you always find that needle in a haystack and spin the straw to gold. In the dramatic changes of your life and world you regroup, rebuild, renew and become reborn after experiencing things, you can't undo. This is not always easy, neat and tidy as you prefer. Birds like to keep things settled in the nest and Pluto, as the hand of fate, is always throwing in a wrench. Adding a plot-twist that keeps you guessing. Never second-guess your best self.

Pig Crown | Scorpio

Goddess of the Sky | Dendera Temple Egypt c. early Dynasty
  • Neptune | jewel in the chart crown at 9 degrees in the sign of the Pig.

Alchemy of the symbols pf power can definitely be a blessing that feels like a curse. Cycles of life, death and rebirth are a beast that can eat us alive. It will be with you for the rest of your life. Make peace with the crown you wear and the cross you bear. Neptune is God of the Sea, he carries a Thunderbolt Trident that does wonderful things. Every year he visits the lower chambers for lost souls to help them through the portal and do his duty for life's journey.

Rat | Sagittarius

Shanghai Lady | 1901 retro poster
  • North | Personal Best Health Direction
  • Alternate | birth time readings: Rat Ascendant and Part Fortune

There are no planets in the Rat sign for you. In the chart layout this sign -rides just above the skyline. It frees you to discover up-to-the-minute details of a bustling, modern world. Your Part of Fortune made moves up and down on the Ascendant, changing signs three times in a short span. This suggests you may change your mind, up-and-until, you know, your mind. Then you waste no-time in getting what you want. If one resource is low, the others are full.

Ox | Capricorn

Part of Fortune

Part of Fortune
  • Lucky Spot | Part of Fortune at 25 degrees of the Ox
  • Saturn | at 29 degrees of the Ox near 1 degree Ascendant Horizon in Tiger

An unusual feature of your chart is the Part of Fortune. Most people get one, some people get two, but you have a collection of cosmic coins piling up as you were being born in the evening of a new moon. Your variable birth time, normally would not be a huge shift of the basic chart elements. In your case it's a phenomena of chance. The chart's New Moon phase would typically be void of course (a few hours) but this one is actively, changing stations.

All this change-making happens on the Ascendant to shift from Rat to Ox and Ox to Tiger, by a hair, in a short time-span on the elliptical, lunar nodes. Piling up the Treasure is the feng shui effect in motion here. The Moon's long and short cycles stretch its elliptic on the quick side. This cosmic phenomena keeps the Part of Fortune bouncing on the Ascendant like a pinball wizard in the money zone. Fortunes can go up or down, but you never go without. To your friends, you have a gilded edge and your chart rolls with a Midas touch. Lucky you!

Saturn is stone cold in the Ox to gives you a hefty, gravitas to hold down the fort when the competition gets tough. Others may try to railroad you, to do what is not in your best interest. In the coming year your Saturn return approaches at the tail end of a transit cycle in late 2019 and 2020. This cosmic event will challenge you, hard. Oxen are better operating without interference. Give an inch and they take a mile. Once the barn door is left open and the cows get out, it's too late to close the gate. Be weary and be wise, don't let conflicts corral you.

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