When You No Longer Fit In ... WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?

People and work environments change over time. Maybe all the time.

If you find you no longer fit in after a new boss, new team or new direction for the company, you’re not alone.

Change = stress. Here are 5 ways to manage change and mitigate job stress.

1. Look inward

Ask yourself: What changed and when? Am I naturally resistant to new things? New people?

Am I worried about my current standing or past accomplishments being diminished?

Am I feeling insecure about my age, professional background or skills level in light of new job requirements or corporate mandates?

2. Look around

How are other people handling the change in leadership, workforce expectations or strategic vision?

Are a majority of people openly complaining or showing signs of serious stress?

Do others appear to be adjusting better to new workflows, expectations and personalities?

3. Look to others

Is your job dissatisfaction impacting your productivity? Personal relationships?

If so, you may need a professional, such as a career coach, to help you determine if your position or place of employment still works.

Need to vent? Do it with people unaffiliated with the company—and who will keep your confidence.

4. Look at other opportunities

Is there another role within the company that now better suits your skills?

Or, is it time to look at where those skills might be better appreciated at another organization?

Nothing motivates someone like a job hunt, however serious or superficial it may be.

5. Look at your future

Throw yourself into a new passion project – you.

Do not leave your current job voluntarily until you’ve secured a new one.

And, if things continue to sour, be prepared to be terminated. Line up references. Build up savings. Start a side hustle.

And network, network, network!

Change is difficult, even under the best circumstances.

Sometimes we welcome change and other times we resist it.

If change-related job stress is a constant, it may be time for YOU to move on … to better things.


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