The Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum of Art Amelia Bradsbery

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: Anything and everything can be seen as art if we really take the time to examine it. The fact that the sculpture is in gold shows that women should be taken more serious and appreciated more because they are extraordinary people. It made me feel happy to see that sculpture because women are wonderfully made to take care of things and she looked so elegant.
Design of the Museum: I found the Asian collection at the museum to be appealing because it shows how they as a people have evolved. The lighting makes it better and brighter to see the exhibits. There is a lot of space giving everyone a chance to see the exhibit more clearly. The exhibit makes me feel happy that everyone gets the chance to experience different cultures.
Art and Core Values: My core value would be family/children. I care about my family, especially the younger generations. I want to make sure that they gave a chance to see their older cousin, me, succeed so that they'll want to strive to be something in their lives. I get the chance to show them what they could do if they out their minds to it. This picture instills kindness in me. It helps me understand my purpose in this world which is to help better the younger generations so that they make something of themselves.
Art and the Good Life: A Good Life theme depicted in this picture is embodying the Good Life.. It shows that we should enjoy life to the fullest and live our lives with no regrets. Once in a while, we should give ourselves a break from our busy lives and enjoy what is around us because we never know when it will be our last time.

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