Psychodynamic Perspective

From the moment I was born, my parents always made sure that I was surrounded by my family and friends as often as I could be. They taught me the importance of family and strong relationships, as they believed it would help shape me into a caring and optimistic person. I agree with the Neo-Freudian Psychodynamic belief that my personality was shaped in my childhood, as I was always placed in social situations and I still enjoy them to this day.

In this photo, I was waiting to eat my birthday cake. I may have been operating under the Neo-Freudian accepted idea of the Id, Ego, and Superego. My superego may have been guiding me to wait to eat my cake until my whole family had been served. It was subconsciously controlling my Id's impulses to eat the cake right away! Karen Horney would agree that I am definitely not suffering from a weak superego in this picture.

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