The Write Practice Haley Stockton - section 41

Stockton - Hales

Journey Log 7


Habits of mind: Creativity and Persistence

You know what’s weird to think about? Human expression. We can all think for ourselves and formulate opinions and ask questions and what not, but you would think that there is only a certain number of ways to express those things. But really, it’s kind of endless.

We can express ourselves through body language like when I have my arms folded at my brother when he’s getting on my nerves.

We can express ourselves through music. I don’t create it, but I listen to hip hop when I want to get pumped up or some love songs when I’m feeling that sort of thing I guess.

We can express ourselves through art. I love to draw and paint; what I portray depends on the mood.

We can even express ourselves through words too! We do it every day whether we realize it or not. There are countless ways to express our ideas, but the one I want to focus on is writing.

NO WAY I CAN DO THIS. Those are the words running through my head sitting in every English class I have ever been in. Writing has never come easy nor have I ever particularly enjoyed it, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do.

I was always taught to write by a certain standard. Practice makes perfect. That good ole five paragraph essay we keep talking about… yeah, that was my best friend. “Write an introduction with a thesis, 3 main points, and a conclusion.”

When I got to this class and was basically allowed to write whatever I wanted I realized I was way out of my comfort zone. Even more so with the research paper.

I am used to much stricter guidelines which is why I am having trouble with this paper. When I am writing, I don’t really know what I want to say and what needs to be said. I often find myself writing something, erasing it, writing something else, and erasing that, and even then I may fail to write something that’s worth reading.

Writing anything takes a lot of persistence on my part because it is one of the few things that actually frustrates me and makes me want to run screaming sometimes. Nevertheless, I persevere despite the urge to watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix instead of writing lab reports and papers.

Writing is like art to me; you know a good piece when you see one. I am a perfectionist and kind of a control freak I guess and when I write I never feel like it’s good enough. But I’ve come to learn that writing isn’t just about the end work, it’s also about the journey you take to get there.

There is a lot involved in the writing process. Even after you have written something, you spend a lot of time revising it, making it sound better, getting it peer reviewed, etc. to make sure it’s the best it can be. Before we did the peer review in class, I never really understood how helpful it could be. Providing a different perspective is crucial to the writing process. A paper written that considers only one perspective is just about as good as I am at Minecraft (that’s not very good).

Good writing doesn’t normally just flow out the tips of our fingers. We’re human, so there’s always room for improvement. Practice, practice, practice. Being open minded, creative, constructive, persistent, well informed, and eager are good ways to approach the writing process.

Writing is a means of expression. We’re allowed to express whatever we’re thinking in our writing; we get to be creative, we get to drive into a new world of thinking. How we express ourselves is up to us; however, to write well it takes dedication and practice, the right practice.

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