Globalization by catherine hyde

The effects on businesses

Globalisation creates competition between businesses. This is caused because some businesses build factories in poor countries so that they don't have to pay the workers as much as they would have to in rich countries, this meaning for every product the sell they only give about 1/3 of the money to a worker so the company actually makes way more money.

The effects on culture

There is some negative effects like poverty and language barriers but i say most are posative like helping people realise whats going on in different countries such as global warming and deforestation. It brings wealth to different countries and foreign currency to local economies.

The effects on the environment

Globalisation had cause a lot of the recent economic damages. It causes pollution rises by the factories. Soil pollution by trowing chemicals have been thrown into the soil which have resulted into the growth of many noxious weeds and plants.

there is a lot of debating about if globalisation is a good or bad thing but 57% say good and 43% say bad some of their reasons are.,...

Good~Boosts other-countries economies

Good~Globalization brings up life expectancy

Bad~Rich richer poor poorer simple

Bad~globalisation causes a country to lose it identity


technology has taken over most work places and offices, as they use more machines these days than people. this causes loads of people to lose jobs as machines are being employed instead because they can do the job faster and don't need paid, although machines cost lots and may need maintenance. But as to all things, there are disadvantages, such as : people (older) may have struggles adapting and using or setting up computers or new machinery

globalisation causes deforestation

factories are now being built in poor lands so to make room in these places SO THE company just cuts down trees and starts building. This can resolve in killing wild life and destroying habitats.

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