Scientific Revaluation And Enlightenment BY: Harmanjit


John Locke was born on the 29th of August on 1632.John had died on the 28 of October on 1704 at age 72.John Locke was an wise person and specialist,widely noticed as one of the most influential of Enlightenment thinkers and commonly known as the "Father of Liberalism"


Charles Louis Montesquieu was born on the 18th of January 1689.Charles had died on the 10th of February 1755 at age 66.Charles was french lawyer man of letters and political and he was a civil person who lived during the age of Enlightenment.He is famous for his articulation of the theory of separation of powers, which is implemented in many constitutions throughout the world.


Galileo was born on the 15th on February 1564.Galileo had died on the 8th of January 1642 at age 77.Galileo played a large role in the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century.Galileo made the first telescopic.He had discovered Jupiter.He named it the Galilean moons in his honor.He also discovered the Rings Of Saturn.(https://Wikipedia/wiki/Galileo_Galilei)


Johannes was born on the 27th of December on 1571.John had died on the 15th of November 1630. Johannes was an German mathematician,astronomer,and astrologer.A key figure in the 17th century scientific revolution,he his is best known for his laws of planetary motion,based on his works Astronomia nova,Harmonices Mundi, and Epitome of Copernican Astronomy. (

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