World War I Kaylynn Bailey & Jackson Reppart

The Battle of Tannenberg


  • German Territory
  • Russian Army

Battle of tannenberg

  • 92,000 prisoners
  • Russians lost another 30,000

Battle of Tannenberg

The Russians lost 400 guns, and other war materials

Battle of tannenberg

  • First Battle of World War 1
  • Aug 26, 1914 – Aug 30, 1914


  • Cornelius Drebbel
  • First working submarine
  • Drebbel created the submarine
  • German submarines
  • Submarines changed the war
  • Submarines are still used today


  • Early forms of airplanes
  • Personal weapons were applied
  • The British company
  • Planes affected the war
  • Planes are still used today


  • Tear gas
  • Germany's Idea
  • German forces took down Allied soldiers
  • Ypres, Belgium
  • Gas changed the war
  • One gas that is used today is mustard gas even though it is banned.

Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty


  • England
  • The song tells a story
  • The word Blighty is slang
  • Florrie Forde

A Long Long Way To Tipperary

By: florrie forde

  • England
  • Fictional Irishman
  • Along the journey

Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag

Florrie Forde

  • England
  • Snoopy comic strips
  • The song gave salute
  • Lucifer is slang


  • Dadaism is a anti-war movement
  • Dada artists used everyday objects
  • Hannah Hoch on the war
Hannah Hoch - Cut with the Kitchen Knife Through the First Epoch of the Weimar Beer-Belly Culture, 1919.


  • Cubism is a fine art
  • Their artwork showed a perception of reality
  • Pablo Picasso
Guernica - Pablo Picasso
Christopher Nevinson - Troops Returning To The Trenches (1916)

The Lost Generation

Significant members of the Lost Generation

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