Five annuals we are excited about for 2020 Dow Gardens

Dakota Gold Sneezeweed

This cheerful plant is native to the southcentral and southeastern United States and has a naturalistic look compared to other annual flowers. Dakota Gold is a slightly more compact version of the Sneezeweed with plentiful golden-yellow blooms all summer long. Bees and butterflies really enjoy the one-inch blooms. Once each flower is spent, the plants will actually deadhead themselves, keeping a fresh and tidy appearance. The bushy thread-like foliage is attractive, too. Don’t worry, they won’t make you sneeze. The name simply refers to a time when Native Americans used dried leaves as an inhalant to unblock sinuses.

Poppy - Mexican Tulip 'Sunlite'

We are very interested to see if this poppy annual will have blooms all summer and into the fall. The soft fern-looking foliage is exactly what we needed to complete the annual bed design.

Amaranthus 'Hot Biscuits'

Finding a brown color tone in annuals can be difficult. This Amaranthus has a rich brown tone and funky texture. It will be a great centerpiece for any annual design. For extra anchorage for the plant, stake with a bamboo stick.

Zinnia 'Jazzy Mix'

Zinnia 'Jazzy Mix'

This zinnia is unique for its wide range of deep colors and its itty bitty sized blooms. You will see many shades of burgundy, orange, pink, and yellow. This is also a great annual for a cut flower garden.

Scabiosa 'Starflower'

Also known as the drumstick flower, this annual has interesting characteristics when it is blossoming and when it is a dried flower. It has light blue blooms and dries to intricate, papery seed heads.


Created with an image by Ellie Brown - "untitled image"