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Neutrals are your FRIENDS!

Does that mean all we can wear is white... grey... and beige? NOPE! Every color of the rainbow has a neutral toned cousin.

For example: Wine Red, Burgundy, Rust, Bronze, Camel, Peach, Mustard Yellow, Olive Green, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Maroon, Dusty Pink, Cream, Beige, Charcoal, Light Grey, Black etc!

So WHAT pairs well together?

Some of my personal favorite combos are:

Mustard Yellow, Navy, Grey, Khaki

Olive Green, Cream, Charcoal Grey, Khaki

Black, Cream, Maroon

Maroon, Navy Blue, Mustard Yellow, Olive Green

I could go on and on with different pallets, but don't take my word for it check out the black hole that is Pinterest! Type in a color you know you want, for example, olive green, and then type "Olive Green Family Photo Outfits" and see what you like!

Look around the house!

So what else should I consider when trying to decide on one of my key colors? LOOK AT YOUR HOUSE! Your images... will probably end up in your home somewhere, a photo book, a print, a canvas etc! You'll want to make sure the colors reflect what you already have in your home and will match well! So take a peek at your decorating colors and emulate some of those!

And last but not least... WHAT TO AVOID?

Neon. Thats it. Really that is like it. If its a color featured on a highlighter... it will probably distract from your images.


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