TOK Badge: History april 10, 2017

History as an area of knowledge: the study of past events and our interaction with it. Because of this, history is constantly being updated and reviewed.

Are good historians good story tellers?

Historians are good storytellers because they have to be able to effectively interest and hook their readers into the story. For historians, it is crucial for them to share their point of view of the story to document the event, and in order to do this they have to get the attention of an audience. This question can be seen in a book by Bruce Catton in which he discusses the difference between Grant and Lee, both generals of the Civil War. In his book, he uses many persuasive techniques in order to explain specific events in history. Firstly, he explains his opinion using factual evidence and an in-depth explanation of the two men. Also, he makes connections to other parts of history and other evidence which is a technique used to support his facts and make readers more likely to understand and believe his discussion. The author is clearly well educated about the topic he is discussing, like a good story teller, they must be knowledgeable about many aspects of their topic in order to create a good story. In conclusion, a good historian has to be a good story teller in order to gain the attention of an audience and persuade them to believe and understand the events they are explaining.

Extended Reading

Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts

I used this extended reading to answer the essential question above because the reading is a historian discussing parts of history from his perspective, I analyzed the text and looked for the persuasive techniques that were used to grab the attention of the readers and accurately explain the event. I also saw parts of the discussion which were influenced by the authors knowledge and by his perspective. It was interesting to see how the author used specific techniques and then to relate this to the question and the area of knowledge of History.

Journal: I chose the essential question, Are good historians good story tellers?, because I found the concept that basically historians are telling stories just like any other author of a book is very interesting. They have to hook their reader and interest them in order for them to keep reading and to believe what they are saying. I also had never thought about this question in depth before and I thought it would be interesting learning more about it.

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