Netflix is a very well- known company, it distributes entertainment content via internet, such as films, Tv series, and documentaries. It was founded in 1997 and it operates worldwide. We chose Netflix because the company has experienced a vast growth in the recent years, and so we believe it is very interesting to research about how they became so popular in a very limited time. We became more intrigued about this company, because of the reaction that their smart advertising created throughout the world. This made people talk about Netflix more than ever, and it was a simple but effective way to attract new customers into the company. We have come up with a new advertising strategy designed specifically for Netflix. Netflix is the best example for the era we live in at the moment, a time where everything is controlled by technology and almost everyone uses internet in their daily lives. The goals of this social media strategy is to attract new customers into the company. The targeted customers are young people from 15 to 45 year old approximately, as they are the ones that use this type of technologies the most.

Netflix advertising in Christmas 2016, center of Madrid


Netflix's success is very related to Big Data and algorithms. They use Big Data to create mass culture, they use Data that other companies previously had and from that, They create their original series based on people's habits and preferences. They also classify their content in accordance to their target segments, and their algorithm allows them to have a specialized content for each subscriber. On Netflix, each customers get's on the main page content with similar characteristics to that of the entertainment they usually watch. They also allow subscribers to rank their content to help other subscribers choose what they want to watch easily.


  1. Increase awareness about the company, achieve brand recognition.
  2. Gain market share, maintain its position as a leader in television network.
  3. Increase sales, and profits.


  1. MICROBLOGGING: This allows people to publish short blogs with images or videos to the web. This strategy would be implemented by paying famous people to include Netflix in their blogs or make a blog with the purpose of putting Netflix as their preferred platform to watch entertainment. Famous figures easily influence other people's decisions, and so, this would make many people research about our company and more importantly they would become users of Netflix. This strategy would mostly help us make our company more well-known.
  2. FORUM:Another strategy we came up with was to create a forum in Netflix, were people could as questions and members from Netflix would answer them within a short period of time. We would also use this forum to explain to people how Netflix works, and all the different offers there are. We also thought it would be a good idea to create a forum for each season of a series, in order for people watching that series to be able to share their views between them, and their point of view about an specific series or movie. It is the best way for consumers to have a discussion through instant messaging. This would help advertise the company because then those people in the forum could then have a positive image about Netflix and recommended to other people.
  3. RSS: is the best system to constantly keep the public aware of the frequent innovations of Netflix and to get the company to become more well-known to customers. Thought the RSS system, we would let web blogs and news-related sites to write or make up videos and audios about Netflix and automatically we would enable other Internet users to share and read the content of these news. A web page based on RSS eliminates the necessity for the user to manually check the websites for news. As a substitute the web browser would automatically check the website and notify the user about the current updates. Through RSS we would increase public awareness about the company and the Netflix users can easily follow updates about films, documentaries and TV series.
  4. ONLINE COMMUNITY: our idea is to create an online community where Netflix lovers can feel at “home”. By creating this platform we would enable people to interact mainly via Internet founding a sort of “virtual family”. On the online community we would add forums, discussion boards and chat rooms in order to let the users interact as much as they want. People are going to be able to talk, comment, post and give advice about Netflix programs. In addition we'd like to use the online community as calendar to keep up the users about events such as the arrival of a new film on the platform, a new Netflix service or the come out of a new season of a TV series. Furthermore we would create a specific space in the online community platform where the company can communicate with the people in order to receive advice and share information about Netflix. Finally, we would back up the online community by using SEM service (Search engine marketing). We will pay a search engine such as Google, so that it becomes one of the first links to appear. We strongly believe that the online community is a service that we believe it’s going to be appreciated by Netflix users and it may attract new customers.

5.VIDEO SHARING: is an interactive and entertaining way to keep people updated about Netflix programs and to get customers interested in new ones. Mainly, we will upload in popular video sharing websites clip and videos of any kind about the company. In the first place we are going to post trailers of new films and summaries of past and new season of TV series. In addition we are going to post backstage interviews of the actors so that users get more passionate ad involved in the program. We will share on the websites summaries or short cuts of Netflix films, documentaries and TV series so that viewers get interested and subscribe to Netflix in order to be able to see the whole program. The video sharing strategy will enable us to get brand-recognition and will attract many more customers, increasing the company's profit.

Most popular video sharing sites

We strongly believe that through these five strategies we are going to reach our main goals. In other words we are surely going to reach brand recognition thanks to microblogging and its influencers and a RSS website. Moreover we will attract new customers that will bring more profit through our entertaining online community platform and the associated forum. Furthermore thanks to the video sharing project we are going to increase the number of users that are going to pay for a premium account in order to be able to access to all the programs on many screens jand to download them on their computers.


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