Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH BY Mengxuan li

Nature on Display

Human is an important part of nature. Understanding the nature and making friend with it is the best way to live better. There are many outside activities, which can let us know more about nature, such as, rafting, inflatable tube riding, swimming, rock climbing, mountain climbing, and bike riding. Otherwise, visiting museum is also a good way to contact with nature. Florida Museum of Natural History offers me a good opportunity to closely observe dinosaur fossil, butterfly, and other products of nature. When I come into the lobby, I see a huge complete dinosaur fossil. Although dinosaurs died out, people cannot see a alive dinosaur anymore, this intact fossil still can tell us a vivid story. As time goes by, nature uses its specific method to memorize history.

Nature and Ethics

At the Florida Museum of Natural History, there is an excellent exhibit. This exhibit is talking about that many years the Doughtys spend living and traveling in Latin America, where they participated in community development projects. For cultures worldwide, clothing expresses differences in ethnicity, gender, wealth, and social position. Love, Respect, and Admire, all these factors are reflected by textiles. Obviously, nature and ethics have inseparable relationship.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Scientists think that there has been life on Earth for millions of years. The universe is an unimaginably vast space filled with planets, stars, systems, nebulae, gas, dust -- and it is impossible for us to ever explore it all. However, we cannot just give up. Seeking the mystery and majesty of the natural world, seeking the meaning of good life, and seeking the human spirit. I believe these dreams will come true one day!

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