Nigerian Oil Spill 55,809,000 litres spilled- CLEAN IT UP!

The oil spill has taken Nigerian residents main source of food, fish and crops. Locals are now forced to walk for hours to find clean water and food. The fish in the Niger Delta are dying off, and if they are alive they aren't edible because of the amount of oil in the water. The residents of Nigeria have already been forced into poverty and are unable to move their homes. Water all around has been polluted not as serious as the Niger Delta but is still leaving them sick.
The oil's effects are severe, especially on the environment. Fires have killed the trees, any animals that lived on the side have lost their homes. Shell hires kids to make fires, to make it look like the spills aren't as serious as they really are. The companies do this because fire stops the progression of oil. Only it comes with a price, all of the vegetation is dead around the river and all the trees are blackened. The environment has been damaged so bad, that there

Shell has admitted to spilling 55,809,000 litres of oil.

Oil affects many things, including animals. Without animals the Nigerian lifestyle is basically dead. They use animals to get food, make money, and use for lifestyle items. The Niger Delta is now a horrible place for the animals to live. They have nowhere else to go and are getting sick and dying off. Shell claims that they cleaned up most of the Niger Delta, when really it has only gotten worse. They are avoiding paying money and it is costing the lives of hundreds of animals.

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