Colonial Tech Conference-Blended Learning 10/22/16 Move it! Move It! With Lori Minka Part I Green Screen


"I believe that when used correctly, technology has the power to improve student engagement and student achievement. I also believe that technology gives teachers the ability to form powerful, global, professional learning communities." ~ 2015 Keynote Richard Byrne

Colorado Springs School District 11 - Green Screen Studio

My green screen journey began on a trip to Colorado Spring School District 11 to see some of the amazing things they were doing with technology integrations. I saw this green screen studio and immediately thought that it would be impossible to green screen in my Physical Education class, but I was wrong!

Touchcast is an interactive video broadcasting tool that allows students and teachers creative choices as to who they want to share their information with the world. It's like TV, but can be used as the web is used.

These two students were each give an different green screen app and asked to learn it before class started and they did! We would compare DoInk and Touchcast

We practiced using both apps in class and Touchcast was the winner as it was free, not overly sensitive to light, and it picked up the sound in the gym really well.

We didn't want to interrupt activity based actives in the gym so we took our green screen to our innovative learning lab - yes it is our girl's locker room!!!

Students researched and created images to use to showcase their Polar Heart Rate Monitor projects.

Some even created their own talk shows.

Funny that we printed out the posters when a screen shot would have sufficed!

DoInk was great too, but we got a little lost in the layers, and VeeScope looked amazing for live broadcasting, but the lighting was super sensitive and we couldn't connect.

Our visually impaired students created their own green screen project to share tips and tricks with teachers in public school that have visually impaired students.

Lastly, we used green screening for teacher professional development day during our cross-over with an elementary school.

I was contacted on Twitter by a coordinator in Ohio and asked me to Skype in and speak to her teachers about how I use Tech in PE. The times didn't match, so I volenteered to create my first Touchcast for her to share with her teachers and was able to create a 37 minute video fairly easily. I didn't know much about the tool and stuck to the basics, but it worked! I'm still learning about new tools to this day! It's so powerful!

Above is what the platform looks like! The Tutorials are excellent and extremely informative, and the help center is quick to respond. We actually lost 1 project and were able to get it back with the help center support.

Creating your own is so easy!

Choose the Vapps you want to include and drop them into a tray at the bottom of your screen, and pull them up when you need them!

All your projects live in one place and you can access and edit them as need be!

Then you have all your shared that sit in one place. You can duplicate and continue to edit if need be!


The two videos posted in this page should help you tremendously! If you have any questions please feel free to Tweet, Vox, or email me! Thank you for coming and hearing our story! Let's get up & give it a try!!

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Loriann Minka


Created with images by Jeff Sandquist - "Channel 9 - Green Screen"

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