Innovative Media By: alnaim (0329173)

"I carry the brain of a human farmer "

I am a man under the Broadcasticons (Broadcasting) of the Communicators of the Masses. I love doing the editing and acting because it's fun putting my own like thing into another thing. Also I'm bad at describing things so please help me enhance my wordings and skills in the arts of Innovations with Media.

My cat would like to speak to you

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Wrath of the Toy

The video is like a Toy Story style video except there is more violence than the original Toy Story movie. There is also more facial memes. Please Enjoy.

Stop Motion Sqad

Exercise 2: Viral Content

Dang it! those Druggies are at it again!

You know that in today’s day and age drugs are illegal as hell but somehow they manage to get into the hands of the common people who have nothing better to do with their lives but to whisk it away all in the sake of having fun. Now I ain’t no funny pooper I’m just gon tell you. I have a lot more fun at home, in my room, on my laptop with VPN connected, searching up videos.

Did you know Netflix in the US has better things than here?

Now as some of you may also know or not know…


What kind of stuff you may ask? Well read the first sentence of this post and come back to me. I’ll give you ten seconds.

Yes, your friends doing some druggy stuff, and not just one kind of stuff, all them stuffs. Crack, Cocaine, Blow, Acid, Hookah, Heroine, Speed and other kinds of stuff I wouldn’t know about. I ain’t no druggy. Now some people knowing their friends do some bad things are gonna want to try to stop it and with that I say, bravo for your attempts but let’s be real here. You don’t even know what on earth you should do, and that is why my friends I am here. So you know what time it is, it’s L.I.S.T. Time.

Love. Intelligent. Sitting. Time

1. Communicate with some Intelligence not out your rear

Now my friends, we have to play smart because we both know, druggies have the attention span of a goldfish. Also they never bloody listen. So understand that whatever you may say to convince them may be nulled by their injecting, snorting, smoking all that nasty stuff. That’s why the best thing is to communicate with them using some intelligence. Tread carefully when explaining because if you do a bad move, syringes hurt and a broken syringe with the pointy end still stuck inside you is D.A.N.G.E.R.O.U.S. Seriously. Use your brain not your stupidity, else you become like them and I know you ain’t them cuz you ain’t stupid.

2. Trojan Horse their fun

Now if you want, you can have a little fun. You can choose the outcome of your Trojan Horse but just know there is a Trojan Horse involved and that’s you. If you don’t know what a Trojan Horse is search it up. I'm not here to teach you history. So the first step in this plan involves you saying “I wanna do drugs”.

I know right shocking. How to do that you ask? Like this

(a meme page from facebook I don't remember which I liked like, forty different pages)

Now get this, your friend will start smiling being happy and stuff like that. Settle your butts down and watch your friend do their illegal thing then wait for them to hand you the illegal thing. Here comes the two choices. You can just throw away that nasty thing and start yelling saying how much they’ve wasted money on that thing and then start listing how much food they could’ve eaten with that money because EVERYONE LOVES FOOD. The other choice is to pretend to do it and then start fake dying. This stuff will get them to panic and as you are ‘dying’ say how you knew it was bad for them and pretend to die. This would ensure it would get through their bloody skulls that this stuff bad.

3. Live and Let them DIE

Now I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t want them to die! They’re my friend.”. Yeah well your friend AIN’T GONNA LISTEN. Now you may think that they will listen at some point. But get this, do you think, after the 30,000th time of you warning them not to do it, the next time you tell em they gonna stop? Naw mayn. What makes the 30,001st time any different than the 23,467th time? IF THEY AIN’T GONNA LISTEN THE FIRST 30,000 TIMES, THEY AIN’T GONNA LISTEN. And yes I know it’s gonna hurt you on the inside but sometimes, you just gotta be like “Yes I understand, but it’s your life not mine so I can’t really do anything besides tell you it’s bad.” and then move on and stop wasting energy on their sorry butts. Let them make the first approach because if they REALLY want to change, they’ll ask instead of you asking them.

With that being said my friends, know that they may or may not listen and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s really worth it or not to try and convince them. Just know that at the end of the day whatever your friend may decide to do is really up to them and to be honest who are you to tell them what to do. Your friend ain’t gonna stop you from eating that 40 pieces McNugget set (McDonalds sponsor me pls) so who are you to tell them to not do what they want. It’s their life and you should respect it to the fullest extent, even if it means not being their friends. But if you still want to try to convince them otherwise, I gave you some things up there. Until next time my friends. Shippidi-doobidee bye bye.

Exercise 3: Inforgraphics

This is an infographic on some tips against druggies. Now my visual direction is sort of like, tips on coming to this "Jurassic Park". The infographic is a warning about the dangers in Jurassic Drugs and what to do if a dino drug dealer were to approach you or something along that line.

Exercise 4: Mobile App



Our application is available for Apple and Android user. This application is different from other travel application because is easy to understand and convenient to use. Our application also provides the trendiest and affordable restaurant all around Malaysia.

Test the app yourself:

Use Code: JGO0JG

Assignment 2: Video

PHAKE University

Ever wanted to go to a Prestigious University for the Performing Arts but can't find a good one? Well PHAKE University is here to fulfill your dreams in obtaining your Perfoming Life with Dance, Art and Music to cater to a student's needs

Mindmap and Moodboard



Here our Group Photo

Left to Right: Darro, Nimu, Koko Serno, Nidorino, BIngo, Maestro

Phake University Trailer

Assignment 3: Chat Stickers


Sleepy Pbbt

Pbbt is getting really tired from listening to the teachers talking and talking (except the Innovative Media teacher) so he "accidentally" falls asleep

Happy Pbbt

Pbbt was told he was beautiful and he's happy now

Sad Pbbt

Pbbt was told the Innovative Teacher didn't want to be Best Friends with him

Working Pbbt

Pbbt is trying to work hard on his Innovative Media homework but... how does he work when he has claws?

Angry Pbbt

Pbbt got angry at his intelligence and expresses it with a rock

Confused Pbbt

Pbbt was trying to do work when he finds a suspicious pile of something. Cocaine? Or just sugar?

Thanks for the Mememories

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