The Armenian Genocide By Nicole Shumway

" Yes It's Genocide" by the editorial board

"In what has become an almost annual exercise, Turkey has thrown a fit because someone has spoken the truth about its dark past. This time, it has pulled its ambassador from Berlin and threatened dire consequences over a resolution, passed overwhelmingly by the German Parliament on Thursday, declaring that the century-old massacre of Ottoman Armenians was a genocide. That is what Turkey does every time a foreign government dares to challenge its discredited claim that the Armenians perished in the cruel fog of World War I, and not in a premeditated attempt to eradicate a people. Germany’s claims to the contrary, Turkish legislators huffed in a statement, are “based on biased, distorted and various subjective political motives.”

This author used a summary lead for this editorial.

The Turkish government continues to deny that the Armenian killings were a genocide.

I used a single-item lead for this editorial.

Who: The German government called the killings in Armenia a gemocide and the Turkish government denies that it was a genocide. The Turkish government said that it may cause problems between the Turkish and German government is the Germans continue to label it a a genocide. The Ottoman Empire were the ones who killed the Armenians.

What: The Armenian genocide happened in 1915-1916. Around 1.5 million Armenians were deliberately killed or sent on death marches. A death march was when Armenians were force to walk to the Syrian desert and many of them died from hunger on the march. The genocide happened because during World War One the Ottoman Empire thought that the Christian Armenian population was going to alley with Russia, an enemy of the Ottoman Empire.

Where: The genocide happened in Armenia.

When: The genocide happened from 1915-1916

Why: The Genocide happened because during World War One the ottoman empires thouaght that the Christian Armenian population was going to ally with Russia, who was an enemy of the Ottoman Empire.

How: They were killed by being sent on death marches or just being killed. The issue can be fixed by officially labeling the killings as a genocide even if Turkey denies it.

The conclusion for the editorial is:

"The damage done to Turkey’s relations with the Armenians and its NATO allies is the responsibility of that large majority of Turks who refuse to acknowledge a dark blot on their history, not those who seek to commemorate the tragedy. The Germans, who have admirably confronted the terrible genocide in their own history, did the right thing in defying Mr. Erdogan’s threats."

The Germans were right in calling the killings in Armenia a genocide and other countries should do the same. If other nations label it as a genocide that can try to convince Turkey that it actually happened. Turkey should be trying to help the remaining Armenian community and if they accept that it was a genocide they might help them. Turkey should admit that it happened just like the Hermans did with their genocide.


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