“G” The Mascot Prickly Apple Cider

Meet “G”, the official mascot of Prickly Apple Cider. Why does Prickly Apple Cider need a mascot? Doesn’t every business, website, blog, and home need a mascot? Just consider all the work at Prickly Apple Cider that wouldn’t get down without G. She lives a hectic life.

The process of sweating apples before pressing ripens and concentrates the sugars in the apples. But, leaving them in the office to sweat means they are susceptible to a variety of risks. In steps G...

Risk #1: Toy stuffed mice love apples...

And our house seems to be overflowing with them...

Good thing G is working non-stop on exterminating all toy stuffed mice. She never stops, no matter how tiring.

But it’s not just toy stuffed mice. You also have to worry about lizards. We all know lizards love apples and hard cider.

But again, G is relentless in her pursuit of those hard cider drinking lizards.

But most of all, there are those mean and pesky quail.

You don’t realize the risk quail pose to apples when you are sweating them.

No worries... We have G. The Prickly Apple Cider mascot, toy stuffed mouse destroyer, lizard eliminator, and quail neutralizer.

Of course, as the official mascot of Prickly Apple Cider, G has other duties as well.

Who else can I count on to proof my Prickly Apple Cider blogs and hard cider recipes.

G: Hard at Work Proof Reading and Editing

And who do you think edited my hard cider book?

Check out a sample or get it at Amazon.

You may be wondering how G fits all this into her daily activities. But, as the official mascot of Prickly Apple Cider, she seems to have never ending duties and only meager pay for everything she does.

Like guarding the cider closet to ensure no unregistered withdrawals are made.

Inspecting shipping materials for any foreign objects.

Inspecting cabinets. I’m not sure why but she’s really good at her job so I’ve learned not to ask questions. If you ask questions, bad things can happen.

You dare to question G, the official Prickly Apple Cider mascot?

Really bad things...

How dare you question...

Monitoring the backyard for any uninvited guest.

Going undercover to infiltrate gangs working to steal Prickly Apple Cider’s hard cider recipes.

We don’t tell her we publish them for free on our website. (Shhh... Remember really bad things)

Here’s a link to the website.

And look smug and intimidating so nobody gets out of line.

As you can see, this is one busy little girl. So if you ever get this look...

G: Official Mascot Prickly Apple Cider

It’s time to pay up. It’s also time for G to get some rest and relaxation.

G: R&R Time

But never fear, even when she’s on R&R, she always keeps an eye on everything.

G: Always on Duty!

We know G is the tireless energy behind Prickly Apple Cider. She’s our mascot, our guard, our inspector, our literary genius and most of all, our little girl. When you read the blog, download the recipes, or read the book, know the countless hours and effort she has expended to make that all possible.

If you want real tips on making craft hard cider, need hard cider recipes, or ideas for ways to experience hard cider, check out the Prickly Hard Cider website and leave G a comment or two. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

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Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.

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