Judicial Review NEW JERSEY VS T.L.O.

Side 1: T.L.O. believed that her vice principal acted illegally. The VP demanded to search her purse for drugs. They found a pack of cigarettes and a packet of rolling papers which he believed were an indication to marijuana use. T.L.O. said that this evidence should not be used in her court case.

Side 2: The Supreme Court needed to decide whether the VP's decision was unconstitutional. The Fourth Amendment states that "prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures"They had to choose if the Fourth Amendment applied to public school officials and in this case the Vice Principal.

Supreme Court Decision: They decided that searches by public school officials were allowed as long as they acted reasonably in the situation. The students privacy still needed to be respected in the classroom and school grounds. The purse and items found inside was used as evidence against T.LO. in court.

How affected country: This precedent allowed public school officials to act reasonably in an investigation on school property. This let court's use evidence found by school officials.

Citations: "New Jersey v. T.L.O. (1985)." Bill of Rights Institute. Np.., n.d. Web. 01 Mar. 2017.


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