Nice to meet you! Giulia nascimbeni with e-filler skincare

Before meeting you on Skype, I would like to introduce myself and tell you my story.

Since you show interest in our project, the least I can do is to better present you who we are and what brought us here.

This is Giulia Nascimbeni writing, I am one of the owners of Biocharme srl. My life has always been tied to this company because I literally grew up here.

Biocharme srl is a family business, founded by my father in 1984.

The house where I grew was just in front of the company main building, so you can already imagine I had the chance to take part in all business related activities from a very young age.

My father has been the exclusive distributor for the Italian market of a foreign biological cosmetics professional brand for more than 25 years so I spent most of my childhood going to beauty salons and attending trainings on skin issues.

I never imagined that the thing I once considered to be just a game, would have become my job few years later.

During the years at school, the company kept growing and sales increased year by year.

My father’s teaching method during trainings on biological skin care was what our clients appreciated the most: they prized the way he was passing down his wide knowledge and experience on each skin type and all its needs and his passion on finding the perfect solution for every issue.

I have always attended those trainings and I have been actively involved in cosmetics fairs too.

You need to know that our company is not a multinational corporation where people are just numbers.

Biocharme is a small business made of few people who count on their work to live.

Around 2005 my father started working on a new project: he put together his experience in skin’s diagnosis and his wide knowledge on biological cosmetics to create a new and unique cosmetic product.

The product he dreamt about would have had to be able to respect skin’s functionality and to give an extreme comfort during application and use, and should have had a luxury and refined appearance, typical of the Italian touch.

After month of laboratory tests, attempts and tons of creams thrown away, we finally created the product that changed our future.

During all those years working and studying dry skin, my father realised that dry skin type was in need of nutrients, rather that just hydration, to improve its health and solve its issues.

Analysing the market, he realized that all the products created for dry skin resulted to be too light (the moisturizing ones) or too heavy and greasy (the one claimed to be nourishing) and none of them was concretely helping to solve dry skin’s issues.

The E.S.U. biocomplex was born in 2008 thanks to this intuition.

E.S.U. is a particular and patented manufacturing process created around 3 main groups of natural ingredients mixed together with a specific process; these 3 groups create the excipient of all EmotionSkincare and E-FILLER® branded products.

That was the starting point of our brand EmotionSkincare; from that moment one we developed specific lines for each different skin type.

That moment represented also my official entrance into the company; I slowly started spending my days at beauty salons - asking final consumers about their skin’s needs - and my weekends at home, studying hard to better understand skin’s structure, from a more specialised point of view.

We launched new lines and we have been awash with new orders and great compliments from our customers (in fact they quickly forgot the brand we were distributing before).

After months of hard work and commitment, our huge sacrifices started to pay off.

We have challenged ourselves, we have strongly believed in our talent and this winning attitude made us realise what seemed to be impossible to many people.

Considering how fast the brand was growing in Italy, we decided to export our product to foreign markets.

We began to visit the most important worldwide fairs for the cosmetic field so as to test market reaction to our brand and to take a closer look at consumers’ needs and desires.

International fairs opened our eyes on the general cosmetic market offer: we have noticed that all the existing brands are proposing similar products and they are all making identical promises to the final consumers.

The market lacks of brands with a specific and clear focus.

This knowledge helped us to strengthen our confidence: it is our firm belief that our brand will gain great success in foreign market too, because no one offers what we do.

There is a huge empty space in the cosmetic market and thousands of clients wait to solve their skin’s issues.

And we are ready for this new challenge, alongside a company willing to gather up the courage to stand out from the crowd.

Looking forward to meeting you soon on Skype!

Giulia Nascimbeni

Biocharme s.r.l.

via Bacchelli 20, Marmirolo MN, Italy /

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