My Fantastic Family! Dormice, Squirrels and Rabbits - autumn 1

Welcome to Nursery at the beginning of a new and exciting year.

In Nursery we are very skilled at responding to the emotional and social needs of our little ones, helping them to develop and grow in independence, kindness and curiosity. This year more than any other we will be ensuring that our young children have the time and space to settle into their new learning space and forge strong relationships with their key workers.

We will be developing time to talk about how we are all feeling and helping our children to be able to communicate this, using pictures, stories and toys. Understanding how they feel will help us to guide their play and our teaching times which will help them to feel safe and secure.

We will be hand washing regularly through the day as part of daily routine and working in 3 different bubbles to reduce contact. It is not practical to try and keep such young children socially distant but we have increased the space they have to play and rest assured if your child is upset and needs comforting they will get it.

Dropping off and picking up can be difficult times for children and parents, coming in one at a time can make it even harder. All the Nursery staff are aware of this and are working hard to minimise it. Your child is greeted at the door by one keyworker and taken into Nursery where they can start playing with their friends and their other key worker. Initially it will take time to get everyone in but it will get quicker!

In Nursery we respond to our children's likes and interests to make our learning fun. The following pages show you our planned learning during this half term alongside our plan to help them settle and feel happy and comfortable in Nursery.

We will be starting with Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

This is me

This first half term I am following lots of new routines to be able to work in a team, learn and have fun.

Sometimes coming into Nursery is a little difficult but the grown ups and my friends help me to play and feel better.

The Inquisitive Me...

...will be exploring new environments, equipment and activities.

..will be making and testing chairs and beds for baby bear.

...will be exploring different ways to represent number using, fingers, numicon, five frames,objects and numerals.

The grown ups will help me to investigate and discover things that interest me.

The Independent Me...

...will be listening to and exploring Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I will listen to lots of other stories too. I will use small world and dressing up things to act out and retell the stories I hear.

...will be carefully listening to sounds I hear around me and creating rhythms.

…will be learning all these words and using them in my learning and play.

The Creative Me...

...will be sharing my thoughts and ideas through drawing, painting, singing and dancing.

...will be exploring instruments and playing along to music and sometimes I will make up my own songs!

will be making big drawings outside with chalk and pens. I am learning how to get out and use the painting and printing things.

The Healthy Me...

...will learn to wash my hands properly to stay well.

...will think about how sleep helps me to stay healthy.

...will be talking about how I feel.

...will be able to run, jump, balance and dance every day in nursery to keep active.

...will be learning how to share with my friends and look after each other and our area. We will be using Miss Beanies Golden Rules to help us.

Support Me

You can help me in lots of different ways. The best way is to talk to me about my day at Nursery. What new word can I teach you? What numbers can I spot on the way home?

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Reading and sharing stories with me helps me learn new words, understand the world and love books.

Challenge: How many ways can you show 3?

How many ways can you show 3? eg three fingers, 3 bears, 3 dinosaurs. a tower of 3 bricks. 3 on a dice, 3 on a door. 3 on a number plate!

Share your finds and spots however you like..tell us about them, draw your finds or take photos


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