Dodge City By: Destiny Mattingly

A little bit about Dodge City!

Henry J Sitler

Who? When rancher Henry J. Slider built a sod house west of Fort Dodge to oversee his cattle operations in the region, conveniently near the Santa Fe Trail and Arkansas River, and Sitlers house quickly became a stopping point for travelers.

First place in Dodge City

When? Dode City was found in 1872. Fun fact the very first business in Dodge city was actually a whiskey bar build out of sod (the surface of the ground with the grass growing on it) and boards.

Wild Frontier

Where? Dodge city is in Kansas.The city is famous for its history as a wild frontier town of the old west. Actually it is the pure defintion of the old west. Also famous for its rich history as a frontier cowdown.

Back in the day

Why? Dodge City is so famous because of the American history that is in Dodge City. A synonym for it is wild, reckless, or violent "Hell on Plain".

Dodge City today

What? Gunslingers and drunks is basically all there town consist of in the 1800's but now its a remarkable place with museums and other things.

Interesting story:

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