The Divine By malorie morgan

Me before I entered the theatre

The Spatial Experience: When I first entered the theater, I was overwhelmed by how professional the set looked. This was my first play and I was not sure what to expect but I definitely did not think it would look that nice. My seat location affected my experience because sometimes Sara Bernhardt would walk through the audience and I was seated next to the aisle so she was very close to me; the proximity made me feel like I was a part of the play. The small size of the auditorium made it very easy to see what was happening and to hear the actors.

The Social Experience: I attended the play with my close friend Justin who is also in this class. Attending the play with a friend made it more entertaining and exciting, we discussed the play afterwards and it encouraged me to actually think about the purpose of the play. Before I attended the play I had to google Sarah Bernhardt because I had never heard her name before hearing about this play. I think experiencing events with friends is essential to the Good Life because it makes the experiences so much more fun and memorable.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: I believe the central issue addressed in the performance was that theater is an essential part of society and should never be censored. The only thing I knew about the subject matter before I attended the play was that children were illegally working in factories and dying, I did not know about the censorship toward theater by the church, and I did not know who Sarah Bernhardt was. I never really paid attention to theater (except for Hamilton of course), but this play changed my view of theater and taught me how important it is to our society in that it can reflect societies current struggles.

This is me after the play, I was very tired as you can tell

The Emotional Experience: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us an opportunity of katharsis because it allows us to realize that the theater is actually very important for society and it can allow us to escape from reality for a short period of time, but also face the injustices of society.

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