MATTER By joshua hernandez

Atoms are too small to see Also when atoms are together are solid and when atoms are getting away are liquid and when atoms are not together are gas. Also atoms takes up space

Matter can be classified by its properties, Color,odor, Shape Size, texture, hardness and weight.

There are three states of Matter:solid, liquid, and gases.The atoms of Solid are close together.Solids have their own shapes and Solid have its own Size of the container

Heating up food can change a solid to a liquid. If you have ice cream and you don’t eat it fast, the sun will melt the ice cream That we called is Melting.

Cooling up can change to liquid to solid When you frees a liquid it turns into a solid.Example when one thing is frees it turns into a solid.

Heating up liquid can change to gas it gas it Evaporate.Example when heat up liquid it turns to a gas that we called its Evaporate.

Gas turn to a liquid.Example gas is cooled is to form a liquid because it melts the gas to turn into liquid.


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