Rookery Designs Bringing Characters/Logos to (2D) Life

Meet the Artist

Hello Luv

Inspired by Tim-Burton style whimsy and an overall sense of dark, snarky, humor. I enjoy blurring the lines between disturbing and beautiful. Freakiness is a guarantee for any of my lovely, demented creations. Taking old subject matter and bringing a new twist on it is wonderfully enjoyable. A skull is a skull, yes, but a fresh perspective or design can breath life into an old corpse (it lives!!) My obsession with the 80s will also break free of its shackles and parade around the room once in a while. Supply me with caffeine barrels, 80s New Wave, and a good idea, and watch the conjuring begin.

Tat Shop Sign Concepts

Rusty Needle Concept A
Rust Needle Concept B
Rusty Needle Concept C

Corporate Branding

Decorus Morti Corporate Identity Package

Website Design

Website Design-Record Company Class Project

Company Card Design

Business Card-Record Company

Bands and Brands

Background: Plaid In Monochrome

Red Death Band Logo
Dead Cats Band Logo
Blood Moon XIII Logo
The Crow Typography Study

Background: Abstracted Plaid Punk

Hell Girl
Succubi Mistress
Devil's Concubine
Blood Sacrifice
Pretty in Pastel
Pretty in Pink
Fairy's Smoke Break
The Sea Witch

Background: Mystical Yellow Plaid

Wytche's Flight
Witche's Sabbath

Rockin' Posters

Devil's Concubine Concept Poster
Created By
Rachel Avery


Rachel Avery

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