TTT's Blog


Hey guys!

It's T.T.T here.

Anyone dropped any tears lately?

Anyway do you guys wanna know what I had to go through last night?!

Okay so there was this little boy and he was crying because his mum didn't let him have a chocolate bar for a snack before he went to bed!What a spoiled little brat!!!!Then guess what he did!He had a tantrum and stomped his feet so hard he broke the floorboard.But thanks to him I got so many tears, I only needed one more stop to fill my sack up right to the top!

You wouldn't believe it, but there was something even WORSE last night!So there was this sweet girl who was having her sweetsixteen birthday party(her name was Penny,but she changed it to Samantha).And she invited ME!(I mean who wouldn't?!).It was soo much fun!Apart from the fact her birthday was on April fools day.So her parents told her they had got her a big surprise, so they told her to follow them into the garage.When she got there,her mum and dad lifted up a massive cover to revile a massive......TOOTHBRUSH!She was so confused that she started crying uncontrollably.

I felt real bad for her so I left her a box of chocolates on her pillow, took 2 tears and went to go fill the moon.

See ya guys! I know that this post was real emotional but I hope 2night will be betta.

BYE!!! 💧💧

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