How to survive on a deserted island By faiz

Deserted Island can be very beautiful and magnificent places, but they can be very deadly and dangerous. Have you ever wondered how you would survive if you were stranded on a Island? Don't worry help is right here read onwards to see how to survive.

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Firstly, the most important thing of surviving on a Island is to construct a shelter so that you are away the Suns heat. Put large sticks diagonally so that it is secure then, put sticks, leaves and vegetation so that you don't get to hot. If you find a cave you can keep that as your shelter. While you waiting for help to arrive find a good secure place to protect you and keep you safe from the blowing sand, splashing water and sea animals. A big sheltered spot will keep you away from the sun, however good eyesight and visibility is good to spot rescue plans and other vehicles.

Build a shelter

Next, clear a space to build a fire. This is important for many reasons: to boil the sea water and to stay visible. Collect large rocks to put around the fire to stop it from spreading. Cut down trees to get wood to build the fire. To light the fire use matches (if you have them) rub sticks together or Magnify the Sun's heat with a magnifying glass.

Build a fire

After that. You will need water to stay alert. Water is vert vert common on Island: perfect source of water. Although sea water is freshwater you will still need to boil the water three to five minutes so that it kills all the bacteria in the water meaning that it is safe to drink.

Get some water

Finally you will need food to keep your strength up. Many plants such as mushrooms and leaves are good source of nourishments. However, it is important that you are carful searching for plants. Typically, plants are beautiful but they can poisonous and dangerous. BE CAUTIOUS!

Follow these rules to keep you safe of surviveing on a deserted Island.

By Faiz

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