The story of Ruby Bridges Created by Aliyah Hardin & Lilly berndt

Obstacles faced; Ruby Bridges was a women who made rights for girls she was the first black girl to ever step foot in a all white kids elementary school. She faced lots of racism from the whites and she faced a lot of hate everyday.Everyday when she walked to school she needed to be surrounded by body guards, as protesters would harass her when she was only 6 years old.

Significant Contrabution; Ruby Bridges is an extraordinary girl who did extraordinary things. She went through lots of obstacles just to get this far and I think she made a difference in the world. When Ruby was young, white people didn't want black people to be treated as equals. Ruby got threatened when she went to school. For example, people threatened to poison Ruby. I could imagine that would be very scary for Ruby. No matter what color of her skin, Ruby's teacher was always there for her. She cared for Ruby and taught her. After the winter break Ruby started seeing a child psychiatrist named Dr. Coles. After a while Dr. Coles became friends with Ruby's family. Dr. Coles was curious to see how Ruby handled the pressure of having marshals escorting her. Dr. Coles helped Ruby very much.

Timeline;Ruby Bridges could have quit going to Frantze Elementary School but she didn't! 1960.Ruby teaches me to never give up and how important it is to have an education with different people so I can meet new friends and learn about different cultures!

Here is one of Ruby Bridges quotes.

Ruby Bridges taught us to never give up and she taught us to stay positive.She taught a lot of things but the one thing that people really liked was to never give up who cares about what people say because people's opinions don't matter because everyone has opinions and even if people are racist which people still are Ruby Bridges didn't listen she never gave up she just kept moving forward.

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