China By: lauren williams

I chose China, because I believe that China is one of the most important Country. Most things that we use in the U.S, is from China. One day I would love to go visit china and see many sites.
One site that i would love to see is the great wall of china. The great wall of china is one of the most popular attractions in China because of its historic past. I would like to visit The great wall of China to see the views and architecture.
I would most definitely love to visit the china beaches because I love to go to the beach. I also collect sand from all of the beaches that I go to around the world, and would want some sand from china.
I would also love to visit Jiuzhai Valley National Park. I love to see nature and beautiful things that God has created. Jiuzhai Valley National Park is located in Aba, china and is another top site for tourists to see.
The Terracotta army is one of the main things that I would like to see. While my dad was in china, he got the opportunity to meat one of the farmers that actually found and dug up the men. The man gave my dad a book and signed it for him, and a sword. I would love to see what this looks like in real life.

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