Top 10 Portfolio Dylan Ran

Straw Structures

For one of the classes we had to get into groups and we were given straws and tape. We were then told to create a structure as tall as possible. In my experience, I believe this was a fun exercise that taught many abilities. It forced us to utilize teamwork to create the finished product. It also stimulated our creativity because we had to figure out a way to make the structure as tall as possible without compromising it's stability.

Child Learning Tool

In the beginning of the year we had to get into groups to create a child learning tool from scratch. We had to do everything from planning out what to create all the way to getting it 3D printed/laser cut. This was a great experience that allowed me to learn how to brainstorm and come up with many ideas and then collaborating with my teammates to find the most efficient and feasible idea. It also taught me how to use a laser cut machine which was harder than I thought.

Innovated Shopping Cart

During one of the classes we were shown a video on an innovation team. Their main goal was to sit down in a room, and come up with ideas that made already made inventions more efficient. For the video, they were innovating the shopping cart. This video was very informational because it showed how a team can share ideas to come up with one final solution that implements everyone's ideas in the most efficient way possible.

Speaker Series

During the semester we had to attend 2 guest speaker presentations. The speaker of the second one explained a great idea in my opinion. They had a company that took new ideas that people had and helped them turn it into reality.

Creative Person Resume

There was one assignment we had to do which involved coming up with a famous creative person, and creating a resume based on his/her life. This was helpful because I had to research Thomas Edison which was very informational. This also showed me an example of how someone used creativity and innovation to become successful.


For one of the classes, we got to make our own tessellations from scratch. First we had a small piece of paper which we had to cut a small piece of out of the side. Next, we had to tape the small piece to the other side of the paper. Then, we had to repeat this for the top and bottom. Finally, we traced the shape we created until we filled a whole page. This was a fun way to stimulate creativity.

There was one exercise where we had to copy the black image on the board with shapes that we were given. This was actually more challenging then I expected but in the end it was educational by forcing me to think outside of the box to get the right combination of shapes.

During one of the classes we had to go outside and find an object. Then we had to think of as many things as we can to describe the object we chose. In my case I chose a bench. This exercise was helpful because it made me brainstorm and think about every single little detail about the bench which also made me think outside of the box.

30 Day Challenge

This was a 30 day long project which allowed us to practice our creativity everyday. We had to either draw, write, or create something new which made us practice our creativity just like you would practice an instrument everyday. This overall boosted my imagination and innovation skills.

Timeline using Drawings

We had to do one exercise where we were given markers and were told to express our life in a timeline form while using only drawings and no words. This was a fun way to practice our imagination and creativity which forced us to implement drawings that represented our past.


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