Life for Syrian Children By: Bryan Harte & Florencia Martinez

Syrian School Life

Due to the Civil unrest In Syria the resources put into education is significantly limited. Nearly all Syrian civilians are negatively affected with all of the conflict around them, however the most effected demographic is children. Many School facilities in Syria have been burned, mortared or is now occupied by a military force. Syrian Children either can't go to school or get rare cases get there education in small tents by the Lebanese border. The teachers tend to be under qualified and lack the correct materials to properly teach and instruct a class of 40+ students . In Some cases tents and camps are set up and during the day the children receive education that is very useless due to their current situation.

These schools tend to have an inadequate amount of teachers to instruct these kids. As a result these classes tend to have 35-40+ students.

Why Can't Syrian Children Go To School?

The Civil war, Isis , terrorist attacks, these are just a few of the many reasons why it isn't safe to make the commute to school in Syria. Many fear that they will be kidnapped, raped or even killed if they are cough attempting to go to school. Out of 4.8 Million registered refugees nearly half are children and roughly 5/10 actually go to school. The conflict is so bad that half of the refugee child population cant even attend a school. throughout the day these children hear missiles, aircraft, gunshots however they don't let that stop them from acquiring there education.

This is a row of tents that where set up to house and teach young Syrian students.

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