Father Joseph Scolaro Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Joseph Scolaro, Notre Dame, Hyde Park, NY

Submitted by: Marta Waters

Father Scolaro embraced the challenge and he came up with creative ways to nurture our faith. He extended Adoration hours by offering four days. He asked for volunteers so my husband and I volunteered on Sunday as it was the Lord's day. The opportunity to be present with Our Lord on Sunday brought much comfort and peace to us. Father Scolaro used social media to offer Sunday Mass. On Easter Sunday, he even posted virtual homilies from the Associate Pastor, the Deacons and the seminarian. He offered a "virtual" Holy Hour that truly exceeded our expectations. He gave the seminarians the opportunity to lead "virtual" parish rosaries.He was focused on his desire to evangelize and teach the truths of our Faith with clarity, love and mercy. Every week, Father Scolaro offered new exciting events including drive-by Confessions, "virtual" Stump the Priest, Bible Study, and Eucharistic processions around town. He challenged the seminarians by having them lead a discussion of Ancient Heresies. More important, he was available full-time to meet the needs of the faithful. His actions allowed us to remain connected and not feel abandoned.

Notre Dame (ND) is not our home parish. During the pandemic, we pretty much embraced ND because Father Scolaro offered the opportunity for our family to remain connected to our faith. Father Scolaro adheres to the teachings of the Magisterium. He invites us to develop a personal relationship with Jesus and Mother Mary. He is gifted and speaks in a way that allows one to reflect and to take action. His enthusiasm for the richness of the Catholic faith is contagious.

Father Scolaro made himself and his team fully available during the pandemic. He approached the crisis with faith not fear. He came up with the most creative ways to bring Jesus to everyone. He was true shepherd and did not abandon the flock. He listened to ideas and suggestions and was able to implement. God bless, Father Scolaro!

I hope Father Scolaro is recognized as he truly deserves the recognition.