Hands steady, breathing paced, finger on the trigger. The Duke prepared for the shot. Boom! The beautiful creature lay unmoving on the ground. Its orange and black stripes gleamed in the afternoon sun. Rathore felt a tremendous amount of guilt tug at him. It was my fault this tiger died… he thought to himself.
Rathore was one of five kids. He was mischievous and fun loving. Once he even poked holes in his mom's waterpot, making it pour all over her. Years later he eventually became a forest ranger. And the first ever tiger he saw…. was shot by the Duke of Edinburgh.
Rathore was fearless; he could tame the most ferocious tigers. Once he even lowered his hand to touch the snout of a protective tigress. He felt strongly about “his tigers”. He caught numerous poachers, some of whom had killed over 200 tigers.
He tried to reach out to the people, but nobody seemed to care…..
Less than a year after his appointment, Rathore was eager to get back into the jungle. He jumped into the jeep and turned the key. The engine roared with power. He waited for his distinguished guest, the American President Bill Clinton. What the ebullient Rathore did not know was that his office was soon to be destroyed…
About an hour later, Rathore returned. He wished he hadn't set eyes upon the sight of the wreckage, he thought to himself: A year of hard work was demolished, gone...
But he didn't give up! He kept trying, kept reaching! Until finally the government heard his roar…
He convinced them to make Ranthambore forest a no-hunting zone. Suddenly, he becomes a superstar, an Idol.
Then suddenly, just like that, the people seemed to care.

I chose to write about Fateh Singh Rathore because I was one of those tourists who was briefed at one of the resorts near Ranthambore, Rajasthan. I love wildlife and wish and hope to save tigers. I hope you share my perspective and that you will try to do the best you can.


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