A Visual Book review: Animal Farm By George Orwell


Farmers- Mr. Jones and his workers, of which had there farm taken over by the animals.

Pigs- Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer, the leaders of the animal farm or otherwise seen as the dictators.

Horse- Boxer, which is the hardest working animal, and has a motto of,"I Will Work Harder." Clover is also another one of the horses and a hard working friend of boxer.

Boar- Old Major, a prize winning pig that shares his dream of the Animal Farm before he soon dies before.

The Raven - Moses is the raven in this story and spreads rumors everywhere of the animal farm and Sugarland Mountains, where animals go where they die.

Neighboring Farmers Farm's- Mr.Fredrick, a tough farmer with a farm mimicking Adolph Hitlers plans for society. Mr.Pilkington, a easygoing gentleman who ran his farm like a capitalist state. Mr. Wymper and farmer who Napoleon Hires to represent the Animal Farm in society.

Brief Summary:

Animal Farm, is a book on the different Social Governments, being enacted out by different farms and there animals without the supervision of there owners. Each farm has a different prospective one how to run a society. But, these aren't just ordinary farms worked by farmers controlling the animals, its the animals ruling the farms without the farmers. There reasoning behind this is strictly driven behind there motto of,"Four legs, Good, two legs, bad." Throughout this book, Three pigs, Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer, who dictate over the other animals, and take the reigns to form there farm into something they want instead of the while society. At first the animals saw the small tinge of freedom away from the farmers rule as a huge jump forward into there prosperous new life, but soon they come to find out that the pigs didn't want what the collective group desired. The pigs were exactly opposite, they were selfish controlling dictators who would steal the milk and apples produced by the animals to save for themselves, and ultimately rule with an iron fist.

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