7 Elements of Art By Daniel Coronado


Lines are all around us. They create what we can not see. Form what we can not tell. But pulls us as one


Shapes build, shapes stand. Shapes create the atmosphere of our world. Make up our land to our hand. Without one, the world would be bland.


We form to make what's new. To gather in the knowledge of what we know. To put our mind on what to do we repeat and repeat and then so.


Either light or dark will consume you. Not knowing where to go. You stay in the middle as a shade of value. But needing the power to continue passing ones statue.


Space is the emptiness of creativity. The need of filling it up with style. Wanting it to grow, grow, grow until it's needless. Make it overflow than with unknown.


Color are what brings energy and life. The brightness of the day consumes one with tone. It blushes and blooms with joy. Having the wonder of a rainbow


Each one is different. But comes unique with objects. With one being magnificent. Changes the way of the thought of ones aspect.

Created By
Daniel Coronado



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