Photography by: Katie glaser

Story- This is a picture off my friend, Mallory, right after she fell off a shooter and started laughing.
Story- This picture shows depth by using the different layers of trees, the pond, and the grass to make the ducks stand out.
Light- In this picture the sun is shining through the trees to make the trees look darker.
Light- This picture uses the light of the sun to make the lake have a soft orange color in it.
Movement- This is a picture of my friend, Mallory, when she was rolling down a hill. She fell shortly after this picture.
Movement- This picture shows Neha walking and the stick behind her makes your attention draw to her feet.
Black and white portrait- This is a picture of my friend, Lizzie, right after she ate a pop tart.
Black and white portrait- This is a picture of my dog smiling at the camera.
Leading Lines- This picture makes your eyes draw to the back of the football field by using the tracks leading lines.
Leading Lines- This pictures uses the cement crack in the street and the arrow to make your eyes draw toward Neha.
Viewpoint (low)- This picture is taken at a low angle to give a view of this tree that you would not see if it was taken at eye level.
Viewpoint (low)- This picture was taken on ground level to get a blurry picture of the tree.
Viewpoint (high)- This picture was taken at a higher angle than you would normally see this tree to get a detailed picture of the leaves.
Viewpoint (High)- This picture was taken above both the stump, grass, and flower, to show how it all looked together instead on one specific feature like with a low viewpoint.
Close up perspective- This picture of a dragon fly shows lots of close up detail in this dragon fly.
Close up perspective- This picture of Mallory really focuses on all if the details of her face and blurs out everything else.
Depth- this picture shows the different layers such as the flower, grass, and the background trees.
Depth- This picture shows the layers of the flower, grass, and the people walking in the background.
Framing- This picture shows the stages curtains around the stage and cafeteria tables to focus on Mrs. Jacobson and the clothing racks.
Framing- In this picture both the trees and the concrete around the pond close in to show the fountains and the pond itself.
Framing- This picture shows the lockers surrounding both sides of Neha.
Forced Perspective- This picture if forced because i positioned her in this position.
Forced perspective- This picture is forced because I asked Mallory to sit in the garden and cross her legs, but it also has some natural parts in it due to the fact that my dog ran and jumped on her lap.
Reaction- This picture was taken right after my sister, who was right beside me, pushed the swing really hard when Mallory was not expecting it. This is her reacting to the sudden movement of the swing.
Reaction- This is my friend, Mallory, with a very large expression on her face. This is reaction because her facial expressions change due to the swing.
Symmetry/Pattern- In this photo the bikes resemble a pattern.
Symmetry/Pattern- This picture is symmetry because both sides or Neha are the same.
Crop (before)- In this picture you focus more on the entire scene of the lake, ducks, and trees.
Crop (after)- As in the first picture the entire landscape is the focus, now just the ducks are the focus.
Crop (before)- In this picture the flower, grass, and people are the focus.
Crop (after)- IN this one the entire ficus is on the details of the flower.
Rule of thirds- In this picture the tree is perfectly one third of the vertical part of the picture and the ground is about one third of the horizontal part of the picture.
Rule of thirds- In this picture the bike is on the center third and the landscape line is in the lower third.
Experimental- In this picture I wanted to see how the shadow of the and would reflect on the lake.
Experimental- In this picture i wanted to see how it would look if I put Mallory directly in the sunlight to get a picture using light.
Favorite- This pictures shows great detail of the roots of the tree ans the ripples.
Favorite- This picture shows a lot of detail of the flower that is makes you mainly focus on it.
Favorite- I like this picture because it has any layers in it, and it demonstrated many of the composition rules.

Part 2

Rule of Thirds- This is when the subject of the focus point is a third of the picture, the picture is divided into nine equal sections and the subject takes up 3 boxes, or one third of the screen.

Balancing Elements- This composition rule is when the object in front of the background is a bigger part of the picture than the background. Usually the main scene of the picture is not in focus.

Leading Lines- This is when a picture lines draws your eyes to a certain thing, the lines lead to a part of the photo.

Symmetry/Pattern- When a photo shows symmetry it shows a subject and a similar background on both sides of the subject. A pattern in a picture is when a certain thing or similar things are in an order.

Viewpoint- When a picture is not taken at eye level to show a different angle of the subject or focus point, this scan be high or low.

Background- This is when the background helps the focus point stand out. If a picture has a strong background the focus point should stand out.

Depth- This is when a picture has multiple layers in it, it could contain a background, landscape, and focus point.

Framing- This is when the outer edge of a picture makes your eyes draw toward the center of a certain part of the picture.

Cropping- This is when you cut a certain part of the picture out to make the picture better.

Experimental- This is a picture that is taken by chance. It is a shot that you have never been taken before and do not know how the picture will turn out.

Part 4

Wildlife photographer- These photographers take picture of nature and animals.

Wedding photographer- These photographer take pictures at weddings or pre-wedding pictures.

School photographer- These photographer take picture of kids for year books and id picture that the parents can purchase.

Sports photography- These photographers take picture of sports games and events.

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