by:LaytonFuentes LEOPARD

A leopard is a mammal. It is yellow, white and black. It can be 7 feet long. It weighs 150 to 200 pounds. The leopard has spots, four legs, two eyes two, ears, one mouth, fur, and tail. A cheetah and a jaguar are in its family.

The leopard is a carnivore. It only eats meat. It eats fish, beetles, antelope, deer, rodents, reptiles, jackals, monkeys, zebras, cheetahs. The leopard lives in the savanna in Africa, Australia, South America and India. It survives somewhere that has animals for it to eat, water, and air. Some leopards live in a cave or a den. Its home is made out of sticks and grass. A leopard lives with its family.

A black leopard may have an advantage to get away from lions more than a regular color leopard. Leopards hide from their predators in trees and caves whenever their enemies are close. Leopards can leap up 20 feet high. Female leopards give birth to usually 1-2 cubs. Leopards hunt for food at night.

Leopards are very interesting animals. They are an important part of our world.


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