Pueblo Indians Economics

VA SOL Standard 2.2 “The student will compare the lives and contributions of three American Indian cultures of the past and present, with emphasis on the Powhatan of the Eastern Woodlands, the Lakota of the Plains, and the Pueblo peoples of the Southwest.”

History focus: SOL 2.8 "The student will distinguish between the use of barter and the use of money in the exchange for goods and services."

Introduction: The purpose of this webquest is for students to gain knowledge and understanding of the Pueblo Indian culture focusing on economics

Pottery is very important to the Pueblo Indians. Using the clay from their environment, they carefully craft pots and sell them to provide for their families.


Task- Using the link above, go through the interactive lesson of the Ancestral Pueblo Indians. Using the note-taking fold-able we made in class, take careful notes over the material.


1- Interactive lesson and note-taking

2- Pottery is essential to the economics of the Pueblo Tribe. Look up different ways the Indians used pottery, how they were made and examples of different pots. What did they barter for? Record the answers in your booklet http://www.rockartimages.com/anasaziculture.html.

3- Microsoft word or paint, create a design of a pottery piece you wish to make. At the end of the week, we will be using clay to craft our own pots, We will add designs and paints that are close to pueblo designs.

Evaluation: Following these activities, you will complete a short quiz over the economy of the pueblo indians

In conclusion, the pueblo indians used a system of trade and bartering. Pottery was an essential part of their economic lives. Using the materials around them, the indians carefully crafter unique pots to use and sell to provide for their families.


Mild visual impairments- This group of students refers to those who are unable to see as clearly as they should. To make modifications for this group of students, the students can make the font on things larger to aid them in visualizing.


Created with images by HansenHimself - "mesa verde usa colorado" • Boston Public Library - "Songlike, Pueblo" • Artotem - "Pecos National Historical Park Pottery" • Fæ - "Collection of about 25 pieces of Pueblo Indian pottery, ca.1900 (CHS-2670)"

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