Now Showing: The Divine Caitlin Macfarlane

The Social Experience: I didn't attend the performance with any of my friends due to schedule conflicts but that didn't stop me from making new friends! I snacked and drank water beforehand in order to be hydrated and not hungry throughout what I'd heard would be a long performance. Shared experiences are essential to the Good Life in that humans need social interactions to remain mentally healthy and active productive in their communities.
The Spatial Experience: When I first entered the theater I was surprised by the high quality setting, the complex lighting systems, and intricate props. It felt like I had gone to an upscale theater despite the fact it was free with my Gator 1 card. I was towards the front and slightly to the right of the stage, giving me a closer look at the characters whose roles were more often than not in that area, giving me the chance to observe more closely the characters features. It was a magical experience to watch the actors transform into their roles once the lights came up and us, the audience, watched in pin-drop silence. The size of the auditorium gave a more personal feel to the play. Instead of being on the fourth floor balcony trying to adjust my binoculars, I could practically touch the actors. In the Good Life, "place" determines perception. What angle you see and understand your surroundings and life circumstances are heavily dependent upon it, be it in terms of privilege or physical location.
The Emotional Experience: I had some beautiful pictures of the set that played with the lighting in the auditorium, but since we now know I shouldn't have taken those in the first place, instead we can enjoy a cute picture of my cat joining me for breakfast. The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us an opportunity for καθαρσις in exploring themes that may be sensitive or "socially uncomfortable" but should be discussed by using a forum that simultaneously distances and draws into focus these issues--theater. The theater and drama bring issues such as sexual harassment and class divisions to the table in a way that may be more easily digestible and provide for a way for them to be discussed in an educational and proactive matter, giving students and scholars a way to understand them. We may experience catharsis by coming to grips with such violent and ugly truths which may be hard to accept through dramatized means on stage.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The performance gives me the opportunity to observe and relate the past to our present and to current political arguments in terms of LGBTQ, immigrant, and poverty issues. I believe the play's main theme was the destruction of innocence in many experiences (sexual abuse etc,), as well as the many forms corruption may arise as. Before the performance, it was never really something I considered because of my admittedly privileged background but it was something I have been inherently afraid of being a young woman. If anything the performance made me more sympathetic to these issues and inclined to finding ways to doing my part to combat them.


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