Arnold Newman Environmental portrait photographer

Arnold Newman was a photographer who was born in 1918 and died in 2006.

Newman's specialty was environmental portraits, he took portraits of people in their "natural environment" around the things they are known for

Techniques used in Newman's photography are rule of thirds, and most of his pictures are in black and white. Instead of filling the frame with the person in the portrait he fills it with their environment so you get a better feel for what the person likes to do.

Arnold worked at a portrait studio at the beginning of his career as a photographer, he eventually got an exhibit in MoMA, and later opened his own studio in New York and became a member of the American Society of Magazine Photographers.

Arnold used a camera that probably looked something like this, such as a large format 4x5 view camera and a tripod to capture as much detail as possible

Newman usually preferred to use natural light to make the shot more candid but when necessary he usually used a floodlight

Newman says that he doesn't really have one main influence but more a large combination of different artists like, Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Mondrian, and Chagall, as he was a painter most of his young life. And photographers like, Stiglitz, Steichen, Strand, and Streicher.

One thing i really like about Newman's picture are how they tell a good story about the persons personality and really give you a feel for what they are like without even meeting them. I chose him because i didn't really know what environmental portraits were and it seemed interesting.

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