The World according to Ryan f


The top picture shows how many places a product goes before it ends up in you hands.the middle one is a product of globalization.the last one is a factory that sews clothing.

Does globalization make the world stronger?

In my opinion yes, it make jobs for men and women in poverty for a nod that pays and so they can survive. Family's that live in poor countries like Bangladesh, they can raise money so they can survive. They could work for a company and sew clothing or ship the products. It also makes the world stronger by giving other people also can improve the companythat makes the products by giving them money.

Here's a collage of the infamous mountain

Also the collage goes to show how Dangerous it is and how tall it is!

Mt. Everest, is it worth the risk, or not? Well many ask that, well my Answer is yes. Because you've been on the top of the world and you have bragging rights. But there is risk. 223 died on Mount Everest and many have been injured. But you would at least touch clouds and the also get to meet new people and brush faces with death. Adrenaline junkys would love to go here because the physical challenge is mamouth. But the mental challenge is even bigger.

Country profile

Current events

Bucket list


How can a valuable resource affect an area

opec can control the oil prices and the oil can affect a region's lifestyles and can make places that are barren become beautiful. For instance OPEC has most of the countries that have the most abundance of oil reserves. OPEC members can hire natives of the area to work a lifestyle of oil and since the U.A.E is apart of OPEC they had made Dubai and made it a breathtaking place.since they have most of the oil the can limit production and raise prices and natives can have a sufficient lifestyle with plenty of money and can help make the world's tallest building and help many people get homes. another piece of evidence is OPEC covers many,many acres of land with nomadic herders everywhere. Thats good for them because they can have more workers and they can limit production of oil easier so they get richer.Since they have more workers they can slow down the systems much quicker and will make gas prices go up to $5.since that OPEC is so big they can make a lot of money and can also help others and how oil can shape a very dry arid place to a city of wonders

We all have seen this it goes to show how much oil is needed

within supranational corporations there are many centripetal forces for instance the euro can make everything easier and better. The euro can unite cultures by buying stuff from other countries since they have the same currency.the Euro can make a massive amount of jobs and it can make many people wealthy.people can get even more jobs from other countries so they can move and go to place with more jobs and they could have more money because . If they move they can get a better job that pays well. This shows that the euro is an important piece of the EU and its cultures.

Here's a photo of their flag

What's the most effective style of government?

the most effective style of government is Representative Democracy. This is the best system because the people vote Representatives, or leaders, to pass laws for them. This type of government allows citizens to decide, by voting, who will represent them in the different branches of government, and ultimately pass the laws. A Representative Democracy allows the people to vote for their main leader, The President of the United States. The President runs the government and oversees the different branches. The President has responsibilities to the citizens of the United States include upholding the laws in our Constitution. This is very important because our Constitution allows the citizens of the United States many different rights, one important right is to vote every four years a new President is elected. By voting every four years, you can’t be stuck with the same person forever. The whole nation of eligible voters are allowed to vote for the President, not just one group of people. By letting the whole nation be involved, not just a group or state, we are not stuck with one person who decides the rules, like a dictatorship. Allowing everyone to have a say in the voting, and the laws, provides every citizen a voice, so people aren’t angry and feel left out. Having a Representative Democracy allows everyone to be included, which is very important because it lets everyone in our society to feel apart of what gets decided. In conclusion representative democracy helps a nation stick together and not become anarchy. By having representative democracy everyone has a say and nobody is left out.

This is the us representative aka the president

What makes a good citizen?

A citizen has rights and responsibilities. The responsibilities that they have are like going to school, pay taxes. Etc. responsibilities are mandatory and they have be done. Such as to take out the dog and pay taxes. Citizens have rights too.The rights that the have is right to freedom of speech and right to remain silent.

Freedom of speech is one of the most important rights in my opinion B.C. In the political race and speaches they chose to do that and if we didn't have it the political race would not have anypoint


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