Good Life Activity at FLMNH Victoria silva

Butterfly posing for the photo on a leaf at the exhibit.

Nature on Display: The exhibit that caught my attention was the live butterfly exhibit because it made nature that much more tangible to humans who don't understand it. I expected to walk in and there be a bunch of butterflies flying around and landing on me but they are actually much calmer than I figured they'd be. We read that the museum receives at least 100 new butterflies a week so we expected to see so many more but seeing the amount that we saw showed how unfazed they were by the human activity around them. The aesthetic of the exhibit was very appealing because of all the natural beauty and colors in the plants. Being around the habitat and immersed in the world that the butterflies develop in made me understand something that i would not have truly understood through a picture and an article. I was able to learn and explore on my own and which helped me understand better.

A photo of me upon entering the exhibit.

Nature and Ethics: After the butterfly museum, we walked through some of the exhibits that depicted native Americans, and different types of animals like sharks, reptiles, and more butterfly species. As I walked through, it amazed me that at some point in history, animals were so different from how they are now. Species have developed and grown into completely different forms through adaptation and evolution. I was a little disappointed in the fact that the rest of the exhibits we saw after the butterfly exhibit didn't have anything real, they were all just artistic recreations and statues. There were a lot of children at the museum and I think it is so beneficial for a growing child who is easily influenced to learn about the past at such an early age and be able to find such things interesting. I've always had a deep respect for nature because I understand how much humans rely on it but the museum made me realize how important it has been throughout history as well.

A great depiction of the aesthetically pleasing environment the butterflies lived in.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by forcing us to experience nature in person instead of through a screen. It helps us understand better who we are because we see what our species came from and where the species that surround us come from as well. Visiting the museum gave me and everyone who visits it a better understanding of the world around us.

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