Welcome To A Better Future Choose Viera.


10 Rules/laws

Who makes the laws?

How are laws enforced?

Is your community a democracy, dictatorship, or monarchy.?

What happens when someone breaks a law?


What will school be like?

What will be taught and required?

How will education serve the community?

How will my schools differ from the schools of today?


What are families going to be like?

How many children will each family have?

Does everyone in the family live in the same house?


What are neighbourhoods going to be like?

Do people live in separate houses, townhouses, or apartments?

Describe the houses, are they the same or different?

Explain your design choices.





What is the climate like?

Are there animals?


How much recreation time do they get?

What do people do for fun?

Does the government regulate it?

How is the recreation in my community different from the recreation in Canada?


Are they advanced?

Do people live a more simple life?

Thanks for watching, hope to see you apply soon!

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