Agricultural activities that are growing together with the growing world population have brought many problems. This has made the technological revolution in agriculture a necessity. We decided to contribute to agricultural activities. Every day, hunger in the world and increasing food demands increased. For this reason we have examined the grain products and identified the problems. We have seen serious losses in these agricultural products due to diseases. We have developed a solution to this issue.

What we will want to make ?

Drone is will flying on the large crops area by remote controller within geofenced area . We will monitor crops from some growing intervals.

The Raspberry Pi will analyze the images and try to determine the crops disease using AI algorithm(SVM,CNN we will decide later which one we use). If it find and the it will be send the picture(s) and coordinate of disease area using Eclipse MQTT broker.

We will write android application for farmer using Paho Android Service. Farmer will check crops area status with this apps. So we will make automatic rapid identification of crop diseases...

Why we want to make this ?

Most of the agricultural based country (Turkey,India etc..)'s economic income are dependent on annual crop yield. Many diseases occur in plant and it impact very badly to annual crops.Therefore,the rapid detection of the disease is enable us to eearly response these emerging disease thereat.Our experiment based on wheat(and barley) diseases(leaf rustöstripe rust etc..) During the growing season rust can develop and multiply rapidly.During the summer and autumn non-cropping period the rust have a greatly survival oppurtunities for rust to caryover in the non-cropping period.Growers have to continuously to trace on their wheat crops for potentially appeatance of any kind of disease.The timing of using agrochemical(fungicide application) is important, it will provide greatest yield benefit.Leaf rust can spread rapidly within crops.Spores are readily dispersed by wind and can be carried on contaminated clothes and shoes of visitors.Therefore if we use drone based early disease detection system.Both we will search rapidly large crops area and prevent the diseases as early as possible.

Early detection of this diseases are key factor for annual crops yield and countries economic income


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