The Lost Voyage by allan ogrady

Mum Shouted " Elliot! we are leaving in 5 minutes!" "OK mum, almost ready, just packing my last few stockings!" Boarding a ship is always bullocks, like riding an open lyft up the Eiffel Tower. My heart was racing, because this was the RMS Titanic! I'm Elliot Attlee, the 13 year old mite of an honest barrister in the city of Putney. Saving for years for a special occasion, me Mum bought the family first class tickets on the incredible unsinkable Titanic. "Elliot, did you write that letter to your Aunt Mary that we spoke about?" " I did mum, sent it by post a few days ago, took a few quid from your desk to pay the post." "Mum, Aunt Mary isn't really my aunt?" "Closer than an aunt!" Mum said. We were going on holiday to visit Mums mate from childhood who lives in New York City. Her close mate "Mary " studied with her at university. Starting as a barmaid in London, she moved to America to start her own pub. Her pub, "The Perfect Pint" is one of the busiest in the city. She has done bloody well with her business in America. The yanks have taken a fancy to her pints of English and Irish beer. We have seen pictures of her incredible flat with an amazing view of the Hudson River.

About an hour before we were to board the Titanic, my Pa, Clement, received a telegram from the Prime Minister requesting his presence at 10 Downing St. "Dearest family" Pa said, "I regret to inform you that I have been called upon by our countries leaders for a conference and will not be able to make the trip". " Oh dear" said Mum. "Go and enjoy your holiday, I will join in a fortnight." said Pa. The Prime Minister was requesting Pa throw his bonnet into the mix for a spot in Parliament. Last week we just took a tour of Buckingham Palace. Pa has been doing very well as a Barrister. Since Pa couldn't go, mum invited her first cousin Eleanor to use Pa's ticket.

We arrived at the boarding station, bobbies and passengers were everywhere, packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes. We waited in line for what seemed like a fortnight. Just as we were approaching the final stage of the boarding, a bobby approached my mum "Mrs. Attlee we need to speak with you at once in private" "oh my" mum said and they took her away in a flash. Mum returned "doesnt look like we are going on holiday after all!" and we had to left immediately and go to Windsor Castle where we were to have dinner with the King, Queen and the Royal family. Unfortunately, we won't be taking the Titanic to New York. My heart sunk, my dream of sailing on the great ship were crushed. But eating dinner with the King and Queen would be ace.

All was not lost, as we left , we ran into a young gent named Jack Dawson, he had earlier helped us with our bags. Mum gave our tickets to him and two of his mates. The lads thought we were barmy and bloody mad , but took off in a rush towards the ship. Mum explained that although our dreams were to sail the Titanic, Pa's dreams were to be part of the Senate and even some day become the Prime Minister of all England. Only time will tell, God save the Queen!

bullocks(exciting),lyft(elevator),mite(child),barrister(lawyer),holiday(vacation),Mum(mother), mate(friend),pub(bar),yank(American),flat(apartment),Pa(dad),PrimeMinister(President), bonnett(hat),bobbies(police),fortnight(two weeks),lemmings(a rodent or rat),pint( a mug of beer), ace(awesome),barmy(crazy),lads(boys),bloody(very),post(mail),quid(money),stockings (socks),fancy(liking),barmaid(female bartender)

Created By
Allan O'Grady


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