BANKSY IN BRISTOL see it for yourself

Local Bristol graffiti artist Banksy has been stencilling his way around the city of Bristol.

Why not visit and judge for yourself!
Take The Money And Run

It is one of the longest surviving early wall pieces involving Banksy collaboration with Inky and Mobz. It is located in St. Andrews Road with Bath Buildings It is remarkably intact.

Rose On A Mousetrap

The art work from early 2000s is located on the wall in Thomas Street North, next to a blue door. It is still there although it is framed around to protect it.

Mild Mild West

Banksy's Mild Mild West can be seen from Cheltenham Road. His work is produced using stencils and spray paints, and has adorned buildings around the world. The best views are from the Jamaica Street Junction.

Tribute to the Queen's diamond Jubilee celebration (once Graffiti Sniper)

A wall previously daubed by graffiti artist Banksy has been re-painted with an image of the Queen as diamond jubilee celebrations take hold of Bristol. The painting shows the crown wearing monarch sporting a jagged red stripe just like the 1970's David Bowie creation.

Planning Permission

"You Don't Need Planning Permission To Make Castles In The Sky"

Banksy is now a world-famous artist, whose work has sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds. But once, he was just another kid on the streets of Bristol with a can of spray paint in his hands. As a result, some of his earliest work is hidden around the city, and spotting it is an absolute must for fans of his work.

"Janin Peschke is a professional photographer and broadcast specialist based in Forst, Germany. During an IHK/Bristol intern Group placement at Grit Bristol Photographic, Janin undertook professional briefs including portraiture and commercial photography for local businesses. She was given a map marked with locations above and asked to find and photograph the locations"

Joe Coleman, Grit Bristol Photographic

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Janin Peschke

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