Samurai Yola yola will not be stopped


A cognitively dissonant and morally-confused emotional trainwreck, Samurai Yola weaves an arsenal of addictive flows and intoxicating melodies between quick firing Hi Hats and heavy hitting 808's to create an all encompassing and energetic musical experience.

  • Samurai Yola has over 30,000 plays on Apple Music
  • Over 10,000 plays on Spotify
  • Has performed with acts such as Lil Durk, MC Chris, and TiaCorine
  • Triad City Beat - Sparring brothers: Rap round robin comes to Monstercade - "The artists mused on various themes during their performances. Samurai Yola lamented lost love in a song when he said, Wanna leave me/ go ahead and leave/ my bed too small/ that means better sleep. The assemblage nodded to the bluesy beat while Yola proceeded to mourn until his turn was over."

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samuraiyola@gmail.com | steadyhyperactive@gmail.com